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I am my own parasite
I don't need a host to live
We feed off of each other
We can share our endorphins

Doll steak!
Test meat!

Look on the bright side is suicide
Lost eyesight I'm on your side
Angel left wing, right wing, broken wing
Lack of iron and/or sleeping

I own my own pet virus
I get to pet and name her
Her milk is my shit
My shit it is her milk

Test meat!
Doll steak!

Look on the bright side is suicide
Lost eyesight I'm on your side
Angel left wing, right wing, broken wing
Lack of iron and/or sleeping

Doll steak!
Test meat!

Look on the bright side is suicide
Lost eyesight I'm on your side
Angel left wing, right wing, broken wing
Lack of iron and/or sleeping

Protector of the kennel
Ecto-plasma, Ecto-skeletal
Obituary birthday
Your scent is still here in my place of recovery!

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GUYS | Reviewer: 13 year old nirvana girl | 6/26/14

Please can you please stop arguing about what the song is about or how Kurt died??? Just enjoy the song people!

Everyone interpretates lyrics in different ways, there isn't only one way, so if you think the song means something OK, fine, but don't say that it's the only real meaning of the song because that's madness guys! Do you think kurt would have wanted his fans to argue because of his songs?? He probably just wanted us to enjoy it.

jakub | Reviewer: jakubbx | 3/24/14

god i remember this song live in roseland ballroom it was fucking amazing i remember pushing through the crowd to the front row i remember making eye contact with kurt he was looking down at the crowd then he looked down at me unforgetable moment );

my view (MY VIEW, SO YOU CAN HAVE YOURS) | Reviewer: anonymous | 6/7/13

I like instruments. I like voice. And I like lyrics. I've lived really close situations to which this song describes, but from other point of view. FOR ME (AND I WILL REPEAT; FOR ME) this song's about two persons who want eachother only for materialistic sex, and they know it. They don't care about the feelings, just selfish sex. Really sexist situation. Love the song, love NIRVANA.

FIVESTARS | Reviewer: Kyle | 4/11/13

Definitely a great song in my opinion. It's not about the lyrics for me, but more about the feeling I get from all the tones (both vocally and from the instruments). The anger and distress in this song is something any 20 something year old can relate to.

If only this whole pop area would end and let Rock and Grunge live on (amongst many other genres).

Feelings of guilt | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/25/12

For all we know his "own pet virus" is Francis Bean and he's a parasite/junkie. He did get to name her afterall. It's just a theory but it sounds like a song about guilt. Courtney Love breast feeding...shit=heroin=milk. "Obituary birthday" sounds like a death sentance for his new born. "Your scent is still hear in my place of recovery"=newborn baby smell from a visit in rehab. It's no doubt with his bouts in rehab that he wrote alot of lyrics. Looking back at the facts of his life and the lyrics of the song that this seems very likely. I wouldn't doubt that his feelings of guilt eventually lead to his untimely demise. R.I.P. Kurt, I hope Peace is what you found.

song | Reviewer: kyle | 6/20/12

His songs were inspired by everything, they can be about a comcbination of something or nothing. To try and pick apart a song like this is suicide lol. I write stuff all the time that has nothing to do with anything. I write suicidal stuff all the time, have I ever tried to kill myself..NO. It's art. Some people paint with dark colors for a dramatic effect, some people prefer bright colors and fake skies and marshmellow clouds. Kurt knew what good songs were, he didn't literal easy to understand zipped doodah songs. He wrote with feeling so we can interprate whatever we want. If you think it's about suicide then maybe that's how you think suicidal feels. If you think it's about being a vegan then maybe you know deep down you hate killing animals. Who knows. John Lennon said he never wrote songs for particular people, just how he was feeling, and if something sounded neat he'd add it in. Yeah Kurt had stomach problems but damn every single song he wrote wasn't about that. If you're in prison you wouldn't wanna keep reminding yourself of prison, you'd write something fun about anything other than prison. No one ever knows the true meaning of a song and if they do then the song is a one dimensional piece of rebecca black crap.

Illness | Reviewer: E.L.G | 5/22/12

Can we please talk about the song? I think it is about Kurt's stomach problems. The mention of parasites, lack of iron etc kind of makes me think of a stomach bug or some kind of sickness. I don't think this song is about drugs but I don't suppose anyone can really know what Kurt was thinking when he wrote it. But it is a great song so please talk about that and not his death.

why? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/27/12

Why are people debating how Kurt Cobain died under this?
You should be here because you loved his music, not because you wanna point the finger of blame at someone based on a hunch. You people make me sick, Nirvana's MUSIC ftw

Whatever | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/30/11

If he hated fame so much, why'd he start a loud band and played as many shows as they could and on top of that, went out with a famous chick?

Fame and heroin isn't what he tried to steer clear from. It's reality, coming down and the drudgery of everyday life...

Awesome song, but let's be honest... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/7/11

Ugh, why must every song from the late 1960s to the early 1990s be pigeonholed as another one about drugs or heroin or suicide? Christ, do you think Cobain really needed to write so explicitly about heroin to show to people that it was a problem for him and people around him?

No better Nirvana anthem about what the songs WEREN'T about than "In Bloom." "He's the one/Who likes all our pretty songs, and he/Likes to sing along, and he/Likes to shoot his gun, but he/Knows not what it means."

As for Milk It, it's just raw aggression, with the awesome start-stop points. It turned "Nevermind" on its head with that more angry tone. And I adore the "laugh" Cobain makes when he says "test meat."

Reviewer below me | Reviewer: James | 6/27/11

You don't even have the story right. The guy you're thinking of was some scum name El Duce from an anti-women band. He died in 1997, not a week later. And no way Courtney killed Kurt. She had no need to. Kurt overdosed so many times on heroin she would have probably have just had to wait a few months before one finally killed him. Once when Kurt's manager was over his house Kurt OD'ed and Courtney and their nurse immediately sat him up and punched him in the gut until he was breathing then injected him with something to counteract the heroin. The manager said it was so nonchalant like they weren't even surprised by it. No way Courtney was stupid enough to kill Kurt when he was going to kill himself eventually.

she did shoot him. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/10/11

ook we all know that she did it.. i mean come on she knew kurt was worth more dead than alvie you retard. Yes i maybe a 13 year old girl but i do believe Courtney shot him and if she didnt she probly paid someone to do it. Cuz it comes to find out that before he "shot" himself courtney tried to get someone to do it and when he truned her offer down one or two weeks later the guy was found pushed in front of a train. so theres a chance that she may have offerd some one to kill him or she did but this whole world knows Courtney KILLED Kurt. So Jared you should relize that this world knows Courtney is livin a fat ass LIE!! i rest my case here. Have a great day!


You got it backwards | Reviewer: stephen | 11/22/10

@Nickapleeze: Actually Kurt started taking heroin BECAUSE of his stomach pain. I think what he had was scoliosis which means your backbone isn't quite straight. As you could guess, having a guitar strapped to you doesn't make the problem better. A lot of people think Kurt Cobaln was just some a-hole-druggie. But he medicated himself with heroin. Heroin is just a stronger form of morphine. It's not right, but his intentions weren't unfounded.

blah blah blah | Reviewer: nickapleeze | 7/5/10

i think that kurt's stomach problems actually came from heroin use. as you may or may not know, opioids cause constipation. all he had to do was take a big shit, but he couldnt, and we all know what that feels like.

milk it | Reviewer: Andrew Achoy | 5/24/10

He doesn't say "don't stay, take me"
He says "Doll steak! Test meat!"
brilliant song, I love how Kurt wrote his lyrics
very cryptic and can interpreted in many ways like a painting, it's art.
But people don't understand that's why he wrote them, not all his songs had meaning, he just randomly wrote and that's amazing. he even said so himself.

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