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Glasseater Miles Ahead Lyrics

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You've tore me open
Left a mark on my heart
These memories leave me blank
Only three years ago we were as close as they come
But now you're gone
I stand alone
All i have left is this card from you
I question and ask myself why

Where have you gone?
Where are you now?
Curiosity has killed this cat

Now this time
One this second chance
You wont slip from my hands
So hold on tight
To what we have now
Don't look back
I wont
You wont slip away
And i wont let you slip away

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Great song..very deep and sad. | Reviewer: Aaron | 7/7/2004

This song as such depth and meaning too it..I know for a fact that everyone..that is reading this.right now..can pretty much, relate to this song...keep up with the great songs..and I look forward to listening and buying more of you're cds!!

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