Midnight Oil Lyrics

Many bands would make a great noise about passing a
momentous milestone like their 20th Anniversary. There'd be
TV specials, special video compilations, 3 CD boxed sets,
brass plaques, tickertape parades, free concerts in the
park, that kind of thing. But Midnight Oil -- the band that
has made a career out of making noise about so many
important things and has so much to show for 20 incredible
years -- chose to let the occasion pass without particular

So, if Midnight Oil are the reluctant birthday boys, let us
now be the More...

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Submit Midnight Oil New Lyrics

Review about Midnight Oil songs
12/08/11 | Reviewer: FARIHA
    ------ About the song Beds are Burning performed by Midnight Oil

It’s a song about awakening the conscience of white people to the troubles of native aborigines who have had their land taken from them.
I think "bed" refers to "home" or safety. In the Midnight Oil song, it means something like, how can we ignore what is happening when it is destroying our homes and houses? It refers to the force able relocations - very literally, their beds were being set alight, or at least moved on.
More generally, it refers to a necessity for action, because your home - where you would relax and forget about the problems - is being destroyed or removed.

KEV sCrashed n i feel like punchin the wall sumtimes | Reviewer: PJ WEBB
    ------ About the song US Forces performed by Midnight Oil

Burnin tha midnight oil me self,as bloody usual, such AWESOME WORDS Kick Ass music always--SONG HAS STAYED SO STRONG with me since I was a young'n.
Makes me see change.Hey ROBBO--how tha f r ya matey?Still Ravin caught up with Maria whilst over from Spain. Bit strapped 4 the ol cashola @mo -my car up and ready to go--short 2.5 to-3.5,actually really need a 5A--wizards and blizzards @ the Gumtree Flats.Say big G.Ps say Gday 2 NIKI &NEILLI XX Muse .My Dad looks like your brother TIM,Neil X lyrical wax--COLORBLIND/WAVE BAK---we wanna be on Yamba time ...he he he umm fed up ? My dear Ol man has had open heart surgery-so I donna wanna break his bak or hurt his heart no more--Can you guys pls help?Not sure who else to turn too....&tha witches and biaces are playing Mummy doll too xxoo & My New Beau KEV says....

i agree with the above | Reviewer: lalalalala
    ------ About the song Beds are Burning performed by Midnight Oil

i agree with all of the other messages that were written by other people there all meaningful and the Australian people should be reading this and giving the other people that thay took the land from them. they should all be getting the same right as all the other australians so you should be reading this all the people who are mean to the other people who arent like the australians or they have darker skin then other people, they speak another language, or look different to other people like if they have squinty eyes or they have orange looking skin so you should be nict to the people that arent white and have different skin so you should try being nice to other people and be there friends!!!!!!!! :) be nice and kind to other people who arent your friends and if they dont look like you or talk like you you should still be nice to them like you are to other people that are more of the same culture as you you should still be nice and try being friends with them.

hi everyone | Reviewer: lalalalla
    ------ About the song Beds are Burning performed by Midnight Oil

can anyone answer this question!!!!!! when did Midnight Oil release beds are burning because i dont know and wikipedia wont tell me or any other type of website if you can read can you please read my message and can you give me a message!!!!! thnx:)

Questioning our Morality | Reviewer: Alex
    ------ About the song Beds are Burning performed by Midnight Oil

Why would you give back the land. That is stupid. All the Australians would be homeless, except for the Aborigines. Where would you live. I bet the Aborigines would let some of you stay and pay rent to them. Then they would be rich beyond belief. I don't think that is a good Idea. I am an American and I would never give back my land to some indian dudes. I would have no where to live, I would have to go back to the Mother land - and I don't know if that would be England or Africa. I'm white but they say we all started in Africa - I just don't know what to do now - I am so perplexed right now thanks alot Midnight Oil

The real revolution is human kindness | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Beds are Burning performed by Midnight Oil

The people who took from the aborigines are the same types of people who take pleasure in calling others idiots, satan, unpatriotic, ignorant - whatever. The point of the song is that we all need to feel the consequences of our actions. This does not mean someone else out in the world needs you to tell them how bad or ignorant they are. It means I, you and everybody needs to look inside and see what actions and words we produce without thinking about how they affect others.

religious ignorance | Reviewer: b
    ------ About the song Beds are Burning performed by Midnight Oil

God would not think this song is awesome, as the "give it back" would apply at least as much to culture as land, which would mean give back the dreamtime, and that is anti god. The "satan" that did the stealing was christianity, restoration would be the removal of christianity.

beds are burning | Reviewer: alison
    ------ About the song Beds are Burning performed by Midnight Oil

i like the song because my parents like them and my carers like them because they know where they are now living thats how i like them when i was young i danced to the song and my mum and dad liked me dancing to the beds are burning because it was out before i was born. i reckone that god liked it to because i think he liked it to because he thought it was awsome like me .

world is turning | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Beds are Burning performed by Midnight Oil

I believe this song is a revelation to the way the world is turning today our beds are really burning and the symbol of a bed is rest our world is in an uproar and everything that can be shaken will be shaken even our government it is coming soon the world his kingdom is coming restoration will be restored what satan has stolen will be returned Gods kingdom will be again here on earth will you be a part of it or will you go with the system of the world Dawney

eloquent and profound | Reviewer: DavidCKendall
    ------ About the song The Dead Heart performed by Midnight Oil

Here's a song that makes you excited and happy because of the arrangement and melody, and also nearly causes you to burst into tears because of the lyrics,at the same time!
This is a fine piece of work. I'd like to write a few of these.

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