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Bright Eyes Middleman Lyrics

Last updated: 03/10/2009 11:00:00 AM

I traveled though the atmosphere as a wall of feedback climbed
The pegs were gold, the band was old, they played in half time
Now every dream gets whittled down just like every fool gets wise
You will never reap of any seed deprived of sunlight

So I have become the Middleman
The gray areas are mine
The in-between, the absentee
Is a beautiful disguise

So I keep my footlights shining bright just like I keep my exits wide
'Cause I never know when it's time to go, it's too crowded now inside
The dead can hide beneath the ground and the birds can always fly
But the rest of us do what we must in constant compromise

So I have become the Middleman
The gray areas are fine
The "I don't know," the "maybe so"
Is the only real reply
It is the only true reply

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Amazing | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/10/09

Clearly Bright Eyes is lyrically above any music I have ever heard before aside from Alanis (however very comparable). I enjoy music that has grabbing lyrics and Bright Eyes reaches out and strangles my inner need for euphamisms of addiction and death and love and all that make life exciting and worthy

what are the words?! | Reviewer: Lizzy | 9/24/08

in the song, there are background words, can anyone find them online? (I found them once i think, if i remember right)

but now, i just can't make it out, only parts. anyone?

this song is amazing though, Casadaga, favorite album by Bright Eyes by FAR.

Middleman | Reviewer: Evie | 7/3/07

Bright Eyes: uncomparable.
Like, even if the song sounds like shit, which it never does, look at the lyrics and DEAR JESUS.

This song's probably my favourite off of Casadagga.
"You will never reap of any seed deprived of sunlight"
How does he do it?

I'd like to write a better review, but really. Words cannot describe Bright Eyes, unless Oberst is saying them