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Michelle McManus Biography

Last updated: 01/16/2004 08:08:13 PM

Michelle was born in Baillieston 7 miles east of Glasgow - Scotland . The former mining town is now a residential area which became part of Glasgow in 1975.

Michelle likes shoes , over the years has acquired a ' collection ' of over 50 pairs.

Family :
Dad John, mum Helen ,sisters Lynsey 21-Laura 18- Maria 15- Kerry 11.

Michelle McManus has now opened the door to a fab future by winning Pop Idol Scots songwriter John McLaughlin who has penned hits for bands such as Westlife, Blue and Busted claimed Michelle will take the music industry by storm . Speaking as Michelle, 23, performed in the nail-biting final , the music guru said:

"Michelle will have an edge, she won't be a pop clone.

Her songs will be played by the mainstream pop market but they'll also feature in the more mature sector."

And Michelle had admitted she could not wait to get on stage to perform the beautiful song All This Time , She said :

"The words 'We've come a long way, I've waited a lifetime for today, everyone said I was wrong' are so appropriate". She is now planning to move to London. Michelle has got where she is because of her talent and determination we all love her for that.Go girl,you are special,you can do it