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Ya know,I really hate writing these things. I mean, what do
you say to make people listen to your music? I'm not a fan
of changing yourself for anything. With me, what you see is
what you get. That's why biographies irritate me so much.
I'm supposed to tell you all the amazing things I've
accomplished, drop a few names here and there, and sell
myself as a product. I don't want to do that now. So here
it is, my un-glorified bio. "The love story between me and

"For as long as I can remember, and from what my family
recalls, I More...

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I'm feelin' it | Reviewer: Danny Borboa
    ------ About the song I'm Feeling You ft. Santana performed by Michelle Branch

LOVE this song!! I think Michelle Branch should always sing with Carlos Santana. Love the lyrics!! Every time I hear ir, it make me feel good! If your having as bad day or you are in a bad mood, play this song and you will instantly be feeling better and maybe evern catch yourself tapping your feet.

Cougar | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song I'm Feeling You ft. Santana performed by Michelle Branch

Another fantastic song from this fantastic duo.Michelle and Carlos Rock ! Lost count how many times I've played it; lyrics have meaning for all of us in our lives it.. More please guys, I'can't get enough....

Not necessarily to a guy | Reviewer: Sea
    ------ About the song Game of Love performed by Michelle Branch

She's not necessarily singing to a guy. I think she's singing it to her female lover. "Use me for what I'm good for" expresses feelings of profound love and our almost overwhelming desire to have our love, the loftiest of our emotions, perhaps the only unsoiled thing about us, the thing we need most and cannot live without, the balm, the cure to what ails us--accepted and allowed to work its powerful magic in our beloved. And anyone that thinks "You roll me, control me, console, please hold me. You guide me, divide me into whole--yeah!" doesn't speak about lesbian love doesn't know anything about the passion of lesbian love.

Beautiful | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Goodbye To You performed by Michelle Branch

Alot of people say:
This song means pure beauty,
This song means flowing love,
Well I am not a very poetic person so I say,
This song can mean someone not seeing anyone again. It's not always a girlfriend or boyfriend. It could mean a family member before they die or move away. My brother died... and this song even means more then that, its means everything. Max your my shooting star :)

Misogyny of Lyrics | Reviewer: CaptRuss
    ------ About the song Game of Love performed by Michelle Branch

This is a superbly written, performed and produced song. One of my favorites. Those who think it's degrading to women by suggesting that the "poor" woman can't be complete without a man are missing the point completely. Although sung by Michelle Branch, it was actually written and produced by Gregg Alexander (writing as Alex Ander) Richard Knowles. There is no gender in the lyrics. Her interpretation of a song written by two men about unrequited love is amazing. Not all songs are autobiographical. Songwriters often write songs based on the experience of others. It's a beautiful song, but a song is just a song until a talented artist breathes life into it. Perhaps Michelle had a similar experience that helps her relate and that helps her give such a passionate performance. Maybe she's just caught up in the creative process that allows her to do what she loves to do.

It's beautiful | Reviewer: Aria
    ------ About the song Everywhere performed by Michelle Branch

I think this song rocks. It has a nice tune and it really captures how a girl feels when they are in love. They wonder if he sees them for who they are and if he sees them the way they see him. This song isn't dirty or cheap it's well beautiful!

I wont be afraid of stayin wit you! | Reviewer: Hussein umar
    ------ About the song One of These Days performed by Michelle Branch

This song says alot about gettin a second chance..and u wont have to lose yourself just to keep the person.. but you'l stil be you and be accepted that way...."i wont be afraid of stayin wit you"... I remember tryin to work out my relationship wit my girlfriend some years back...she complained about a couple of things and said she wanted me to change..i remember thinkin if we ever got back i'l be a different person...that new person i was gonna be would not be me..i would be livin a lie just to keep her....

Great song! | Reviewer: John
    ------ About the song Game of Love performed by Michelle Branch

I love this song. I love the latin percussion, Santana's guitar playing, the trumpet, and of course Michelle's vocals. It just makes me happy when I hear it. Oh, for those wondering about other collaborations between Michelle and Santana--there is another song if you search for it.

i hear you loudly. | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Goodbye To You performed by Michelle Branch

to the person who said - yeah... it's all true.. you fall for someone .. ho plays you like a card, and everytime you try to forget that person who has drove you crazy all that time, it just seems impossible... you finally make it.. and you see him or her.. walking down the street and it comes again.. all you pain all those lonly moments you had forgotten..
i mean.. this song .. it just.. i don't know.. i'd like to sing it to that person which i have been inlove years it jst hurts so much i cant.. but then again.. we all have to forget what we have been thru to get somewhere new...

- i hear you.

what a meaningful song!! | Reviewer: precious
    ------ About the song One of These Days performed by Michelle Branch

And one of these days
I won't be afraid of staying with you
I hope and I pray
Waiting to find a way back to you
'Cause that's where I'm home… oh
.... this means a second chance for every relationship, and this tym that person who's going to be back home is not afraid to be with that special someone for the rest of his life...

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