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    ------ About the song High Time performed by Michael Penn

Most 'lyrics' websites are making the same mistake here. They're crediting the writing for this song to the band members of 'Jamiroquai', apparently because they have a song called "High Times"!!
This is unmistakably Michael Penn's style of songwriting, NOT Jason Kay et al from Jamiroquai!!
Although I have not seen a source for the correct credits, I'm willing to bet you're getting the publishing info wrong as well.
As they say, give credit where credit is due!

spot on | Reviewer: wesley
    ------ About the song Walter Reed performed by Michael Penn

Three months ago I was staff sergeant flofluffnik. I was responsible for twelve men and over one hundred thousand dollars worth of equipment. Today I can't get a fucking library card.

My interpretation | Reviewer: Heywood
    ------ About the song No Myth performed by Michael Penn

I met a woman who, when I met her, was preparing to move out of the country about 8 weeks down the road. We both had just come from bad relationships, and when we got together, we both knew the pretenses. She was awesome, but our break-up date was actually established before we ever crossed a line. Sure enough, after a great 8 weeks, I took her to the airport, and she left for South America.

But I always romanticized what would have happened if I had changed our fates...

That is what this song means to me.

My take... | Reviewer: mike
    ------ About the song Walter Reed performed by Michael Penn

Penn focused an album solely on post WWII culture on the West Coast.

The reference/title to Walter Reed clearly supports this.

To me, the narrator of this song is a war veteran.

The first verse to me is clearly speaking of the casualties of war. This is both during war (bodies or "cases" piling up high). The "1:15" could reference a bus, train, plane for transport or any other point of counting casualties.

The narrator is clearly speaking of wanting to escape all of this both mentally and physically, asking to be taken to Walter Reed.

We also know that Penn themed an album focused solely on post WWII culture/life in Los Angeles. This could be why the reference to Grauman's Chinese (theater) was added.

The second verse is probably a post-war account by the narrator. To me, he has returned to day to day life (graduated) and is struggling with his memories, injuries and PTSD. He has had his fill of LA "palm trees" and going to movies at "Grauman's Chinese".

Overall, a look at the effects of war both during and after...and the impact on the body and mind.

It is a beautiful song...and clearly focuses on sadness, pain and loneliness through a story of a post war vet.

The Real Meaning | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Walter Reed performed by Michael Penn

The actual meaning of this song is about war. Walter Reed is a veteran hospital. "I count the cases piled up high, for the 1:15" -- A train going to boot camp/ the barracks/ etc. "Tell me now, what more do you need? Take me to Walter Reed tonight, baby I've lost the will for fighting over everything." Tired of war, so take me to the hospital. "I've had my fill of palm trees, and lighting up Grauman's Chinese." -- Palm trees = vietnam? Graumans chinese is a theatre, perhaps they invaded it? all i know is if you look at the lyrics, you can tell its about war.

Love, well its a bitch. | Reviewer: Uncle Remus
    ------ About the song No Myth performed by Michael Penn

I liked this song ever since it came out in 1990. To me Penn is expressing that the girl in the song never really got to know him...that from her side it was a shallow relationship and he never got a chance to know her well either...but that he would be willing to be with her if she came back to him. The "Heathcliff" referrence from Wuthering Heights fits the theme of the song perfectly. Catherine and Heathcliff loved each other, but Catherine wouldn't be with him because she was a shallow person who thought she was better than he was culturally. It's a shame Michael Penn was only a one hit wonder.

Perfect | Reviewer: J. W. Duke
    ------ About the song No Myth performed by Michael Penn

Captures the angst of teens and people that haven't progressed much since then perfectly. I hear it and remember both my first love, my last love, and my current love without malice, anger, or attachment to any of them. This is the song that makes sense to the outsider guy that every woman dated and misses. It appeals to both the forelorn and the one they pine for, because secretly they both feel the same way and wish that THIS was their song... if only they could both see into the future.

Rebellion and undying love in 4/4 time. A classic at every level.

The perfect song | Reviewer: MWS
    ------ About the song No Myth performed by Michael Penn

Just the perfect blend of a great musical song with such perfect lyrics and a great voice. Like others who've posted, I get a bit emotional when I hear this song. I think thats the sign of a the "perfect song."

In my top 50 | Reviewer: IFLATLINEI
    ------ About the song No Myth performed by Michael Penn

Ive heard this song a number of times through the years but I would maybe catch parts of it and never get to figure out who performed it. Finally I heard it in a movie I was watching with my girlfriend and she found it for me on Amazon. I listen to it all the time. Its a great tune that just speaks to me. Its one of those songs I can actually feel. When I sing along I get goosebumps.

No Myth - he's the real deal | Reviewer: Rorer714
    ------ About the song No Myth performed by Michael Penn

The March album in general and the No Myth cut are examples of why this is a Desert Island Disc for me. Says Michael, "Shit, I'm a poet now..." Great depth to his lyrics and a most ear-pleasing acoustic guitar style. And let's not overlook the hollow body electric backing him up - I have never heard a sound more reminiscent of the Byrds and Beatles. Good stuff here, both in the "now" and the nostalgia!

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