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FORMED: 1988, Arthus, Denmark

Michael Learns To Rock is one of Denmark's most successful bands ever. The group was formed in spring 1988, and already same year they won two music contests and met their current manager, J.P. Andersen. They also released four songs on a promo record called "Secrets". The following year they got recording contract with the Danish recording company, Medley Records and released their first single, The Actor. In 1991 their first album, Michael Learns To Rock was released. It sold about 30.000 copies in just two months and was no. 1 on the sales list for 5 weeks. In 1993 they released their 2nd album, Colours, which sold more than 1.1 million copies and became one of the best selling Danish pop-albums ever.

In 1995 Played On Pepper was released, and it became a mega-success too. The album sold about 100.000 copies in half a year, and the readers of the two Danish music magazines Mix and Vi Unge chose MLTR as Danish band of the year 1995 and That's Why as Danish single of the year. In 1996 Paint My Love - Greatest Hits was released in Asia and sold more than 2,5 millions copies. MLTR are REALLY BIG in Asia, and with their 4th album "Nothing To Lose", they are hoping to break through in Europe too. And why not? In Denmark "Nothing To Lose" sold 25.000 copies on the release day!

In 1999 they released different Greatest Hits and Remix albums around the world.

In summer 2000 bass player Søren Madsen decided to leave the band to pursuit a solo carrier. MLTR continues as a trio, bass player SP is playing Søren's part on stage. MLTR's 5th studio album Blue Night was released in November 2000. In Indonesia it sold 42.000 copies on the release day.

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search for free | Reviewer: leeann.daniel | 10/15/13

Hey guys my name is leeann and I'm from Solomon islands.this is my favourate band Michael learns to rock I really like the in search for freedom and I love the meaning of this word and It touches my heart with my own experience and I'm still listening to it. Wish you all the best with your album...

Thank you so much for Coming to our Country | Reviewer: Hnin Su | 4/2/13

Really Proud and Honored of watching you guys live show in Myanmar...
Thank you so much for coming . And i like you guys songs very much.
God bless you guys..and wish you guys be healthy and wealthy..

love your songs and music | Reviewer: sonam tobgay | 10/15/12

i am Bhutanese and i am a student. To speak about your band its really, amazing.....your songs and music really gets into our heart...why don't you all come to our country.....it will be fun.....hahahahaa...that was a joke.....
i am always praying for your next album...i cannot wait to hear it.....hope you all are working on it.........

you guys your the best | Reviewer: sumaya ats | 10/3/12

To be sincere and frank i wish i could get a chance for only 10 min with you guys you would have known how much i love your music coz words cant explain how i long to see you one day performing.Love your music plus you guys

Michael learns To Rock - Thank you | Reviewer: tashi | 7/25/11

i am Tibetan.
i used to listen to Michael learn to rock songs when my elder sister had this audio tape of the band and let me listen. from then till now it is my childhood memory and the songs it values with me. I listen and it touches the soul and heart of all those who need.
You guys rocks. Many Tashi Delek from Tibetan.

sleeping child | Reviewer: meshack khwela S.A | 2/18/11

Hellow, guyz I m Meshack from Durban. Michael Learns music is amazing I love it and guess what? I can sing it all you made it easy for every one. thanks a lot guyz ''viva!! MICHAEL LEARNS TO ROCK ''viva!!

The Best ever in music industry | Reviewer: Luke Vava | 8/22/10

Hi guys its me Luke and guess what? Your music is part of my life ever since when i was a little kid. when Iam lonely or stress up MLTR songs always gives me peace and harmony and I thank God for giving you guys such a medicine of life. THANKS A MEGA! Lotsa love. Luke.

MLTR is my favorite band in the world. | Reviewer: Narith Chhay | 7/4/10

I am really glad that you guys have a concert at cambodia in the early 2000s. eventhough i didn't get to see you guys at the concert but you guys make me listen to you guys and open my eyes. Take me to your heart is the very first song i ever heard from you guys. I hope to see you guys one day back in cambodia. MLTR is still my favorite band of all time and will always be.

Hello! | Reviewer: tin aung moe | 6/20/10

Hello,Guy!How do u do? I am tin aung moe.I like all of your songs and I always listen to your songs before I go to bed,sometimes, I am free and I did,My favorite song is "Take me to your heart"By the way,Can I know all names of your group? To be frank, I don't know all of ur names. And I think U cannot know my native country, Myanmar is my native country. It is too far from yours.Can I know what colour do u like and ur age?
Please reply me,when u get my messages.I will be waiting for ur message.Have a good day,
Bye for now.

a band for the soft hearted | Reviewer: Vishwajeet | 3/29/10

There's always been something really special about MLTR to me ..I just feel so completely different while am listening to an MLTR song.. there's this really strong connection between my heart, my thoughts and the lyrics ..it's a beautiful feeling .. :) ..kudos to MLTR ..i can never have enough of them ..

heart soul and mind | Reviewer: kristine | 3/15/10

the beat ,melody,rythm of the all songs of mltr is artistic,easy to sing...the lyrics of the song is very heartwhelming,it make you believe and cry....there is a heart on it,the band,music,the lyrics,,,you easily feel that there is a connection,,even you dont experience the hurt,pain,or being in love you feel connected to it.when you say.. soul its something different,it capture you even just the start of the song....i like also bryan adams songs,its matured song also ,it has the meaning...try have you really loved a woma,pls forgive me,everything you do(do it for you)....you feel the singer experince the pain inside....you know even the songs are in long way back,,, everybody like the songs of bryan adams and mltr not the other bands that ok i lov this song then after days weeks,,,they forget it but mltr and bryan adams songs.....they have passion and talented,,,,they are awesome cos they wake up music industry and people mind...they have the heart.mind and soul,,,,

You are the best | Reviewer: Balazs Dosa | 9/19/09

I'm also musiker and when I heard the first song of you called "Thats why" I decided to learn it. Is a great song like ewery song of you.I have all your albums and I wait your new album.You are the only one group for me in the world who has so many beautiful songs.
God Bless You !!!!

All The Best | Reviewer: Soumik | 6/22/09

One Day I Bought A Misc Song CD From Our Local Shop.I Found There A Artist Named MLTR.I Listend His One Of THe Song Named "Blue Night" and It Touch My Heart.Thats Great.I Listend Other Songs Also....named You Took My Heart Away,Sleeping Child etc.and Every song I Liked.Now I Have Total 9 Album Of This Great Danish Band.They Are.......

[1991] Michael Learns To Rock [Self Title]

[1993] Colours


[1997] Nothing To Lose

[1999] Greatest Hits - Strange Foreign Beauty

[2000] Blue Night

[2004] Take Me To Your Heart

[2007] I Walk This Road Alone

[2008] Eternity -Michael Learns to Rock

I Hope Also Prey They Will Soon Come Back With A New Ones......Thnks

The best melody | Reviewer: Truong An | 1/22/09

When I feel bad or when I fall,the songs of MLTR always make me feel better.Maybe those melodies heal my soul.
Some strange feelings of mine....I can't show, I can let them be shown by those songs only.
They are so great,and I love them,I love MLTR!!!!

MLTR STILL THE BEST | Reviewer: Emanuel Tei | 12/9/08

The first MLTR song I herd was when I was 5 years old and i still love it ever since,I think the chemistry behind writing a good song is that you write it in a way that people will understand and learn it esiely, and that is what MLTR has done. GOOD ON U GUYS all the best in what ever and i hope another aulbm comes out.
theres is still one question that was bothering me for the last 10 years I have to ask, Who came up with the bands name?

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