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This kid can really swing.

That, in a nutshell, sums up the extraordinary appeal of a
25 year-old Vancouver vocalist with a gift for making some
of the greatest songs of all time entirely his own.

His name is Michael Bublé (pronounced Boo-blay) and the
evidence of his singular swingness is on abundant display
with his irresistible new Reprise/143 Records debut album.
More than a tribute to the gold standard of music's most
enduring songs; more than a homage to a bygone era of
songwriting and performing: the thirteen tracks of Michael More...

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Review about Michael Buble songs
True Love lives on, no matter what fate may bring... | Reviewer: Dave
    ------ About the song You And I performed by Michael Buble

From the first moment Leslie and I met our souls linked, even though we lived hundreds of miles apart. We longed to be together and with patience, dedication and time and we were joined in marriage. The blissful union of our hearts will certainly last forever, even though the cruelties of life have once again placed us those hundreds of miles apart, and so reluctantly and agonizingly unwed.
And so this song is our love story. Read the lyrics and you will see our history and longing to be together... always: "Cause in my mind you will stay here always (heart & soul) in love, you and I, you and I, you and I...

Amazing! | Reviewer: Stan Bodiongan
    ------ About the song Who's Lovin' You performed by Michael Buble

I saw the video and it is fantastic! The entrance with confidence and real good voice quality with absolute timing and perfect rythm in an excellent beat! It boils to an at par classic music! Well crafted!

Daddys little girl | Reviewer: Sue
    ------ About the song Daddy's Little Girl performed by Michael Buble

My father used to sing this to me when I was a little girl and always reduced me to tears.
He has passed away now and unfortunately we were not on good terms in my adult life . Such is life.
However, I remember this song and happier times which is important to me to remember. Not all of the sad and nasty times.

You still my mine | Reviewer: Dionesius
    ------ About the song Home performed by Michael Buble

wonderful song, this song remind me,when I broken heart. I have a girlfriend,but it was lost. I loved her and I wanna go "Home" with her, I miss her but it can not be... Thanks MICHAEL BUBLE

i miss my homies | Reviewer: CHE ANN
    ------ About the song Home performed by Michael Buble

This song it brings me to home, like this time i am excited to go home cause i wanna spend time my family in this christmas holiday. though work away form my family thats why everytime i have my vacation leave i am dragging myself to home..

THERE'S no place like HOME..

    ------ About the song Home performed by Michael Buble

its very inspiring with the meody and words in the song.i dont know how people feel about this song but has for me,its very helpfull and has a teenage boy who always dump his girlfriend,this song has really meaningfull words in it!!!!Thanks very much michael really appriciate your song lyrics.xoxo all the way from vanuatu.

Beautiful memories | Reviewer: Roberta
    ------ About the song Daddy's Little Girl performed by Michael Buble

In 1950 when I was 8 years old, I would sit on my daddys knee and sing this. I have sung it ever since and never heard anyone else. So I am going to listen and cry happily. Such a beautiful song that brings basckwonderful memories. I never thought I would hear it again, especially by a 'modern' singer. Thank you.

A Bad Lip Reading | Reviewer: James
    ------ About the song Russian Unicorn performed by Michael Buble

"A Bad Lip Reading" re-did Michael Buble's song, actually. Regardless, this is by far the funniest song I've ever heard! I can listen to it over and over again, and still chuckle every time. I highly recommend watching the video. You can find it on YouTube, Vevo, etc.

To my grandson; | Reviewer: Tom
    ------ About the song You Always Hurt The One You Love performed by Michael Buble

We had a "talk" a couple of days ago. Well, I talked and hopefully you listened. You hurt your mother (my daughter)verbally so bad that she had an anxiety attack and you have not apologized (even tho you said you did).
I started my talk saying there is an old song that goes"You Always Hurt the One You Love, the One you Shouldn't Hurt at All".
I went on to say that there are different levels of Love; your parents, your spouse, your children, your grandchildren and you may not realize that until later in life but for now just know that when you hurt your VERY GOOD Mother, you hurt MY Daughter and therefore ME. Just think of that and this song. You are hurting me everytime you hurt her and drop down a notch in my respect for you. Please apologize SOON!

my "home" | Reviewer: NhanNguyen
    ------ About the song Home performed by Michael Buble

for a long time when i was studying at a far city for university, i haven't wanted to go home, because i can't find anything interesting there, it's poor, sad and complex. but when my love is broken up, i'm so sad, so trouble, so lonely, it's actually a hardest time for me, and it's also the time i wanna go home, i lived beside my family, and 2 weeks at home is not enough to fill in empty space in my heart, but i'm stronger a lot, and the important thing is i know that, i have to face with this life, this problem, and i came back my university and kept on studying....i haven't thought that i can forget him, but know, he's my beautiful celebration, we're friend, good friend, now and forever.

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