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You could see me reaching
So why couldn't you have
Met me halfway
You could see me bleeding
But you did not put
Pressure on the wound

You only think about yourself
You only think about yourself
You'd better bend before I go
On the first train to Mexico

You could see me breathing
But you still kept
Your hand over my mouth
You could feel me seething
But you just turned
Your nose up in the air

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You only think about yourself
You only think about yourself
You'd better bend before I go
On the first train to Mexico

You only think about yourself
You only think about yourself
You'd better bend before I go
On the first train to Mexico

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hahaha so funny | Reviewer: Steff | 8/9/10

I agree with the guy below! It's eachone's opinion...BUT time says SIMON was right, BB now HAS a solo album, and he is doing just fine, I don't think he made a very good deal with it, I don't think he sold that many records, but, anyways....He is still touring with Incubus, I don't think they're ever splitting up....
They're coming next month to my country and I'll see them for the first time alive! I'm soooo happyyyyyyy!
I'm from Argentina by the way!

:] | Reviewer: Jajaja | 7/29/09

Agree with below poster. It's the guys opinion. Opinion being the main word here, slow down on the freaking out.

Awesome song, Incubus always deliver the most amazing songs, this being one of them.

lmao | Reviewer: lol | 7/6/09

Haha look at all you faggots complaining about what simon said. He's most probably never ganna see what you guys have wrote and you won't see mine probably. Why do people bitch on lil lyric comments, if you guys wanna do some bitching go on youtube or some shit. How do easily offended retards like you guys make it in the real world if you get all girly over this shit. Just had to say that so no other fuckers make more pathetic comments on a legend bands lyrics. Talk about the songs lyrics and not what fuckin Simon said!
Great band!!! awesome song. They always deliver fuckin great albums and songs :D

Simon's KRAZY | Reviewer: Wargamer | 4/23/09

WHAT THE HELL IS SIMON TALKING ABOUT!?!? Vocalist Almost ALWAYS fall off when they get big headed or start having chemistry problems with THE BAND! Once Brandon decides to go solo my guess is that he will have an 85% chance of falling off. The music is from the band. Without the bands mix of sounds and creativity Brandon would be NOTHING but another singer. In closing...Brandon better stay with this band or risk being in someones "Where are they now?" Article. Come on now Simon.

:O | Reviewer: alec'x | 1/28/08

i think everyone here are crazy..that song is amazing only because its incubus..nothing else!!!! without someone in the group....the song can't be what its now!

wth??? | Reviewer: Michelle | 1/23/08

simon what the hell are you talking about???!!? brandon isnt selfish and he's not in the music business because he wants to be famous, he's there because he's passionate about what he does.. incubus wouldnt be incubus without brandon.. and brandon wouldnt be brandon without incubus..

so wrong | Reviewer: mark | 11/14/07

Simon what are you talking about? Incubus is great because the whole band is great. The lead singer isn't everything! And as far as you singing this song well, everyone thinks they can sing this song well. It's not a hard song to sing but you should record yourself so you can hear exactly what you sound like... I'm sure you'll be surprised.

The Best | Reviewer: simon | 10/14/07

I am so good at singing this beautiful song and I think Brandon is an amazing singer and should go solo for an album, he would make it to number one im sure of it.

mexico | Reviewer: | 7/13/07

Definitely one of my favorites by Incubus. A simple guitar structure allows Brandon to express himself with creative vocal melodies, a very nice vocal solo in the middle aswell. Great song.

Awesome... | Reviewer: musicopata | 3/24/07

Awesome song, very simple and direct... Lyrics are submited allright...

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