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Nirvana Mexican Seafood Lyrics

Last updated: 12/08/2013 05:36:56 PM

Ah, the itchy flakes, it is flaming
To, the gels and creams, it is pertaining
To, a fungus mold cured by injection
Hope it's only Ah, a yeast infection

Oh well it hurts when I, hurts when I pee
Oh well it hurts when I, hurts when I see

Now I vomit cum and diarrhea
On the tile floor, like oatmeal-pizza
Fill my toilet bowl, full of a cloudy puss
I feel the blood, becoming chowdered rust

Oh well it hurts when I, hurts when I pee
Oh well it hurts when I, hurts when I see

Roll into my bed, which does consist of
Lice, bugs and fleas and yellow mucus
Stained, dirt vaseline, toe jam and boogers
Stomach acid worms, that dance in sugared sludge

Thanks to Nathan Smith for submitting Mexican Seafood Lyrics.

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Wow | Reviewer: Dive-in-me | 12/8/13

I think he just ate some shitty mexican food that made him sick man, he wasnt always deep with his lyrics, he even admitted it was mostly garble, so its straight foward: and mexican food well make taking a piss hurt soooo :>

nasty but not a big deal I guess | Reviewer: cccc | 12/11/12

Personally when I see songs like this Kurt has written I just assume it's mostly going off how influenced he was William Burroughs (known mostly for Naked Lunch book). Anyone who knows even a little about Kurt knows he was a huge fan, and Burroughs wrote some nasty shit. I don't really see how this pertains much to his stomach problem, unless it caused him pain when he pissed? this song would more easily pertain to some sort of external bleeding...all of the lice and other lyrics may have to do with the dirty lifestyle he lived on the heap before he got famous, around his hometown/state, like houses that were falling apart and shit.
thats just my two cents. in general, I think this song's basic point was to just write some really disgusting lyrics, not anything deep, but i think those lyrics get influence from his lifestyle and writers like Burroughs

THE MEANING OF ALL! By Jupiter | Reviewer: Clovis Roman Durand | 4/26/12

MEXICAN SEAFOOD-This song is about: A Rich Girl, She eat food of the rich! SeaFood ..Image,the JETSET as the ROMAN party...SHe IS girl In Mexico or Rome, SHE feel really bad after 12 month of Hard PArty, a Roman Orgy,sexe and food, looking as slavery when you are addict to!

Jesse | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/6/12

I do like this song. The tune is very catchy, and the lyrics are sung in a way that wont interrupt the quality of what you're listening to so far as to have some of it almost inaudible.

Kurt's poor fucked up stomach | Reviewer: Alyssa | 8/28/10

God, I feel sorry for this man. After hearing this song I would not go within three miles of the guy if he were still alive.

I find it hilarious that a lot of Nirvana fans kind of just wave this song off like a fart, just because it's disgusting.

This IS grunge. Grunge is supposed to be disgusting. That is why it is called grunge.

eww. | Reviewer: veronika.jade | 7/26/10

im sorry for being such a girl, and usually these types of things dont faze me but this song? this song is sooo disturbing. really, how many songwriters would actually have the guts to write a song like this?? :$

literal | Reviewer: sweet nutz | 12/17/09

he isnt referring to any emotional or mental pain, he is referring to the stomach sickness that pained him for so long and the fact that he used heroin to make it feel better its a very literal song

Pain | Reviewer: Mick | 11/10/09

I think it pretty much reflects how sick he was to his stomach and how much pain he was suffering, many of his lyrics come back to that same pain, always, in some way, mentioning his stomach... The song is repulsive, but so must have been his pain.

I will never eat Mexican Seafood. | Reviewer: James | 9/11/09

First time I listened to the song, I thought it was pure gibberish and nonsense. Now although the lyrics are nonsense, that's still a pretty nasty image right there.

It's probably a good thing they never made a music video for this. Oh well. Nirvana's still great.

YAY! | Reviewer: Riodan Coles | 3/3/09

I see noones commented or reviewed this song I personally think it is one of their greatest and grungy, new wave songs ever and i love it. I'm not bothered with interpretations cause its kinda pointless i'm pretty sure Kurt had his own meaning for it and so does everyone else and thats what I love about Nirvanas music and Kurts lyrics

R.I.P Kurt Cobain LONG LIVE NIRVANA!! and grunge :p