Mewithoutyou (Me Without You) Lyrics

HOMETOWN : Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

AUTOBIOGRAPHY : We are pressed but not crushed, persecuted
but not abandoned, struck down but not destroyed. We are
blessed beyond the curse for His promise will endure and
His joy will be our strength.

FUN FACTS : Not only are Guitarist Mike Weiss and singer
Aaron Weiss brothers but they each have an English degree
from Temple University in North Philadelphia and are able
to teach in the state of Pennsylvania .

Aaron Weiss - Lead Vocals
Michael Weiss - Guitar
Christopher Kleinberg - More...

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Review about Mewithoutyou (Me Without You) songs
Humility | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Wolf Am I! (And Shadow) performed by Mewithoutyou (Me Without You)

He's not depressed, he's angry at his own lack of humility. He calls himself a wolf and shadow to convince himself he's nothing, but recognizes that his poetry of self-depreciation is just showing off. "Self-impressed by how well I can put myself down..."
It seems to me its a struggle for humility, dealing with 'not thinking less of yourself, but thinking of yourself less.'
It's a recurring theme, as he calls himself the grasshopper king in January 1979.
"If I could become the servant of all, no lower place to fall. (If I could be your servant)"

He is caught in the temporal and waiting for it to be washed away, as he is angry at his own pride.

responding to first comment | Reviewer: max
    ------ About the song In a Sweater, Poorly Knit performed by Mewithoutyou (Me Without You)

""If you really want to just try to follow a path to God, I don't believe you need anything beyond [Jesus Christ]." That is going to point their beliefs more towards Christianity and not Islam. "

Jesus is the most quoted prophet in the Qu'ran

Fantastic song | Reviewer: ZMK
    ------ About the song January 1979 performed by Mewithoutyou (Me Without You)

This song is a cry of desperation to be the man he used to be. He has lived in the good graces of god and told everyone that he is a Christian for so long, that he is now slipping and giving in to the world. He feels like he is blending into the crowd of "insects" and that he is becoming more a part of the world and less a part of his faith. the lines "After years with a crown on my head, I've grown overfed, unconcerned and comfortably numb" and "It was a matter of time--I always said I could see so now I’m going blind" pretty much sum up the song.

Lyrics for EP version! | Reviewer: Silencer73
    ------ About the song We Know Who Our Enemies Are performed by Mewithoutyou (Me Without You)

"this last time I'll be there beside you despite all that I've said
there's meaningless, meaningless things to do, a life to live instead
and each day seems the same to me, but harder all the time
until I turn to Jesus, my love, my peace, I find;
he's beyond the shadow of your doubt and mine
he's no man's opinion, he is truth divine
come and save me now, come and shake my ground
while i catch my breath, come and catch your death"

hold on! | Reviewer: kiersten
    ------ About the song Everything Was Beautiful And Nothing Hurt performed by Mewithoutyou (Me Without You)

so they got the title from kurt vonnegut, which is cool, but the LYRICS are from JOHN DONNE's valediction forbidding mourning!!! i'm disappointed that with two AWESOME literary references, the music isn't up to par. I can't make out anything they are saying and the music just sucks. I'm really sad about this. :( I was really looking forward to loving this song and it just let me down!

listen up | Reviewer: MIND POWER
    ------ About the song In A Market Dimly Lit performed by Mewithoutyou (Me Without You)

NOt every mewithoutyou song is about god. i do not believe in god and i love mewithoutyou as much as the diehard christian fans they seem to have in masses. I think this says something about the band itself, it proves that just because they are religious doesnt mean you have to be religious to like them, i like the style of music therefore i enjoy the band. I dont have to believe in god or find bible references in every line of every song like you other dumbasses.

re: j | Reviewer: hawk
    ------ About the song Messes Of Men performed by Mewithoutyou (Me Without You)

so you are saying that because he's a christian, every song he writes is intended to glorify god. i assure you this is not the case. aaron weiss is just a man with strong religious beliefs. what that means is that weiss' music will always be influenced by god because it's so important to him. that doesn't mean that weiss writes only about god and religion. listening to his music with that mindset takes away from ANYTHING he tries to say that he doesn't regard as religious, because it's automatically overlooked and religiously analyzed. that's what happened on this forum. Many if not all before me had this bias, and i just wished to open doors, present fresh perspectives, broaden minds for christ's sake. technically against christ's sake but who's keeping track?

For Anonymous | Reviewer: J
    ------ About the song Messes Of Men performed by Mewithoutyou (Me Without You)

Weiss doesn't want Mewithoutyou to be called a "Christian band" because that is typically a label saved for those who make crappy music focusing only on things that occur in the walls of a church building. Not to mention that there is no Biblical basis for calling anything "Christian" other than an individual follower of Christ.
Watch this interview and then tell me that Weiss, not the band, is not a Christian who clearly writes words from a Christian perspective.

re: | Reviewer: hawk
    ------ About the song Messes Of Men performed by Mewithoutyou (Me Without You)

i realize weiss is a christian and that my review can also overlook many aspects of the songs intended meaning. i'm not saying my non-poetic detailed analysis of the song is perfect,far from it. in fact, normally i am against myself making such a thorough analysis of any art. i just mean to present my unique perspective to a forum that was being overloaded with religious bias. i couldn't stand idly by as this beautiful masterpiece was laid to waste at the hands of the closed-minded. oh and your input at lines 3-4 is a great example of how perspectives differ but still offer deep meaning, the point i was trying to prove.

for J | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Messes Of Men performed by Mewithoutyou (Me Without You)


"The Weiss brothers are of Jewish descent and their songs use Jewish, from Muslim and Christian imagery to explore spiritual themes. The Weiss brothers were raised in a Sufi Muslim household—their mother had converted from the Episcopal church, and their father from Judaism.[7] Due to the Christian imagery in some of Aaron Weiss' lyrics, they have been categorized as a Christian band, although in interview, A. Weiss has stated he doesn't think they are a Christian band.[7] Their lyrics reflect a personal relationship with God, and are not evangelistic. Other lyrical themes explored include suffering and self-doubt."

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