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HOMETOWN : Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

AUTOBIOGRAPHY : We are pressed but not crushed, persecuted but not abandoned, struck down but not destroyed. We are blessed beyond the curse for His promise will endure and His joy will be our strength.

FUN FACTS : Not only are Guitarist Mike Weiss and singer Aaron Weiss brothers but they each have an English degree from Temple University in North Philadelphia and are able to teach in the state of Pennsylvania .

Aaron Weiss - Lead Vocals
Michael Weiss - Guitar
Christopher Kleinberg - Guitar
Daniel Pishock - Bass Guitar
Richard Mazzotta - Drums

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beauty turned to sickness | Reviewer: lauren | 7/19/09

I agree with all of the beauty stated below. MewithoutYou has always been an incredible inspiration to me! Alas! Imagine the pain I felt when I found that they follow the teachings of Bawa and mix them with Christianity and corporate it into their lyrics...cry myself to sleep every night.

Mewithoutyou...ahhh, amazing!! | Reviewer: JC | 3/4/08

Mewithoutyou has something that is rare to find in the music-scene these days, and that is depth. If anyone says that they are just your general cut-yourself-to-sleep emo, then they are either deaf or mentally challenged. Mewithoutyou's beautiful lyrics delivered with such power and emotion are enough to make you fall in love or forget that you were in love with something else in the first place.
"I was floating in a peaceful sea, 'rescued' by a sinking ship..." <<<<<Just a taste of their lyrical brilliance! They are hands-down the most inspirational band out there!

True Feeling. | Reviewer: Matthew Holmes | 5/10/07

Ever since my sister has introduced me to this band, I have read and enjoyed listening to their music. Because really, it's not as much music, as it is just their emotion put coherently into word and sound. Something most bands can barely grasp themselves yet something this band does all the time. Do they sound the greatest, with the best effects and expert guitar skills? Of course not. But they have the most feeling in their songs than any other band.
As a final note, if you have not seen this band live, then do it if you enjoy their music. It's a whole other experience that can't truly be described. I rarely buy merch, in fact I never do with my limited money. But I bought a badge and a shirt from them on their Rochester show. They are just that good.

emo-ish-ish music that's actually good | Reviewer: Lyra | 10/18/05

The difference between mewithoutYou and most emo is: mewithoutYou actually knows how to play good music. The vocals are very distinctive and get loads of feeling across, and the lyrics are beautiful and deep. I have yet, alas, to see them in concert, but I look forward to the day, because their reputation precedes them. I can't wait to buy Catch Us For The Foxes. (I have no money, or I WOULD have it...-_-;)
mewithoutYou is awesome. Woooo... *throws confetti* Yeah...I've run out of things to say.

Very..hott.. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/10/05

MewithoutYou is what all bands dream of doing. Expressing themselves in a unique way. They have accomplished that. I turn on mewithoutYou in my room and they know how i feel.
<3 Bethany

Yeah... | Reviewer: Vince | 4/21/05

Mewithouyou. Emo. Poems. Singing? Screaming? Something besides talking rhythmically? I think not. Me without you is the #1 kill yourself scenster band. Although they wouldnt be bad at all if they had this thing I like to call a vocalist. Sorry guys, you all sound really nice, but if you can get a record deal, anyone can.

Mewithoutyou | Reviewer: Joey Goulart | 1/22/05

I have never been to a mewithoutyou concert and i don not own any of their cds. My exposure to them has only been through hearing them on their site (if you go to their site, you can hear something like 5 entire songs for free) and from friends who own the cd. But the few times I have heard them have been enough: mewithoutyou is absolutely incredible. I will buy their cd as soon as I find it. Amazing band. The intensity in the vocals, the haunting lyrics... can't say enough.

Mewithoutyou are Amazing. | Reviewer: Frances | 10/24/04

MewithoutYou have amazing music. Their lyrics are well thought and just plain amazing. Not only are their records fantastic, but they put on a killer live show, too.

They are worth listening to.

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