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A cat walks through a forest, playing a fiddle. A swarm of
glutinous, fleshy sea aliens with nipples for eyes come
gobbling out of the deep. A column of electric space
lightning spasms laser bolts out of the screen. J Mascis
with the irises of a devil. Such are the weird, Coleridgian
visions that crowd Jonas Bjerre's nightmares night after
night, and varied are the ways he battles them. Some become
animations projected onto a backdrop while his band -
immense Danish space pop innovators Mew - pick their way
through their complex and More...

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Reviews about Mew songs

great song ! | Reviewer: 123
    ------ About the song 156 performed by Mew

at first-- i loove this song, it's great
i heard about this band and this song because billy from the subways (saw them live last week) has the number "156" tattooed on his chest. It's his favourite song.



amazing song | Reviewer: romiskickass
    ------ About the song 156 performed by Mew

this song is awesome, and this is one of my favourite songs.

Emo!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Fabian
    ------ About the song 156 performed by Mew

This song has really good vocals but it is a hella emo but thats a kool thing...

Awesome!!! | Reviewer: amy!! (*-_-*)
    ------ About the song Am I Wry? No performed by Mew

This song is my favourite song by Mew!! I heard of them in a very strange way ~ because I thought Jonas Bjerre looked like someone I know on their album cover for And The Glass Handed Kites. I have since listened to Am I Wry? No non-stop on the internet! Jonas has an amazing voice and isn't bad looking either for a 29 year old. I am 13 years old and have managed to get a few of my friends interested although, all of them with bad taste, don't like them. Keep up the good work!!! Jonas, I love ya loads!! xx

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