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In 2006 the siblings of Trace Cyrus and Mason Musso
introduced them to each other on the set of Hannah Montana
which stars Mason's brother, Mitchel, and Trace's sister,
Miley. Sharing musical interests, they decided to form a
band.[4] Shortly thereafter, Cyrus recruited Blake Healy
from Synthetic Joy as a keyboardist, synthesist, and
bassist. Trace remained the singer and the lead guitarist.
Mason is the main singer and guitarist, along with Trace.
He sang the track "Seventeen Forever", which they released
on their MySpace Music More...

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Reviews about Metro Station songs

i hate you so much | Reviewer: the actual kelsey
    ------ About the song Kelsey performed by Metro Station

you dedicated this song to me. yeah, you lied. you disappeared. I was a joke to you, wasn't I? you lied about your name, 'J'.. I know you probably couldn't keep up with your lies. I sorta understand. All I want is for you to just message me.. I don't care who you really are. I left my email for you a thousand times on your 'guestbook'. I miss you so much. I don't hate you, who am I kidding? I really miss you.. Just come back. I'm not doing good without you. (I hate you for doing this to me.) Listening to this song really .. brings back everything.

sincerely, _ _ _ _ - bear.

OMGG | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Seventeen Forever performed by Metro Station

This song is amazing. I've been listening to Metro Station for well over a year now, and I have fallen in love with them, just as I did with Boys Like Girls. : ) Keep up the work boys ~!

Catchy, lyrics subpar. | Reviewer: Werebat
    ------ About the song Shake It performed by Metro Station

I like it, overall. Generally I enjoy music for the instrumental part, not the lyrics.. I mean, the lyrics are so blunt and immature sounding.. the beat is good though. If it was about anything but a guy trying to get in a girls pants I think I'd like it more. Oh well. Can't win them all! I'll probably put it on repeat and see if I still like it after a day of it.

Shake shake, shake shake, shake it! :)

whoah, | Reviewer: alaina<3
    ------ About the song Dear Hannah performed by Metro Station

this is a really good song.
i love your voice,
both of your's!
they're both really really good!
i love you guys,
i have only been listening to you for a little bit and you are already my favorite band && i would kill to see you guys in concert.
and would love to meet the whole band!
keep doing what you are!
you're fantastic..
dont let anyone tell you different.


love you guys alot!


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