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They say there’s no time like the present; what they really
mean is there’s no such thing as the present. Five seconds
into the future will be five seconds in the past once you
finish reading this sentence. Life in the modern world so
often boils down to taking comfort in the days of old or
praying for some idealized future. Translated into rock ‘n’
roll, terms, it means you’re either ahead of your time or
past your prime. And we’re cool with that.

But Metric don’t let you off that easy.

Their measures are decidedly cubist: More...

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Review about Metric songs
London breakup | Reviewer: Whendelicious
    ------ About the song London Halflife performed by Metric

I think this song is about someone breaking up with someone who is a middle aged Londoner, and older than them. Probably while the band was based there. That's the feeling I get. I used to live in England and frequented wonderful, dreary London often. As an American, living there felt like a halflife. Although it was a fantastic experience for our family, I have now moved back to Southern California where I feel whole again. :)

O_O new fave song... | Reviewer: XP
    ------ About the song Soft Rock Star performed by Metric

This song... its really good. Its cheerful, but not shallow. I love the beat and the singer's voice. Its amazing.
I can't write a good enough review, but i shamelessly advertise this song and entire album

train train train.. | Reviewer: mackenzie
    ------ About the song Handshakes performed by Metric

train ,train ,train...i dont wanna go to Mexico no more more more,there`s a big fat police at the door door door,he`ll grab me by the collar make me pay a dollar, i don`t wanna go to school no more, more, more!!!!!!!!!!

Apple on the stick | Reviewer: Sarah
    ------ About the song Handshakes performed by Metric

apple on the stick makes me sick makes my heart go to 4 a sick not because your dirty not because your clean not because you kissed a boy behind a magazine girl boy having lots of fun here comes Johny with a big fat bum close you eyes and count to 10 if you make a mistake your a big fat hen 12345678910 you made a mistake so you are a big fat hen.

You cant clone a mistake, they make you unique | Reviewer: Diocletion
    ------ About the song Clone performed by Metric

Really this is about the music not the lyrics, but it seems slightly obvious that it is about the act of breaking up with someone and living with the regret and knowing that saying it is over is the best thing.

The "too late in the day" is emily saying that the relationship is over and that they can knowlonger do things in a relationship because they are an aftermath.

In the end I think that the clone is a play on the concept the only time the word is mentioned is in retrospect to an event in a photo, but what Emily has done by breaking up is making an original action of her independence.

Sorry that this is anal retentive, I'm just in love with this song right now

Best song from the Scott Pilgrim SDTK | Reviewer: BlackSheepGrrrl
    ------ About the song Black Sheep performed by Metric

Like the title says, this song is by far the best song from the Scott Pilgrim vs. the World soundtrack. Also, it kind of reminds me of my ex and how at one point we were just "waiting for the world to end". This song makes me want to find out more about the band Metric.

Amazingly Done | Reviewer: full_volume
    ------ About the song Help I'm Alive performed by Metric

Metric did a great job on this one. Lots of their songs sound alike and can only be distinguished if you listen to them a few times. This one has that distinctive Metric sound we all love, but it doesn't just melt in with all the ithers, if that makes sense. It's perky and calming all at once. My favorite Metric song for sure.

the twist | Reviewer: lalalalalala
    ------ About the song The Twist performed by Metric

ha, i love this song.

and for anyone who couldn't figure it out, it's about her having sex with guys because she's drunk, and how everyone reacts, and how she feels in the morning.

my favorite part is, "somebody put me back in school. i forget everything i used to know; how to leave the boy behind without having to watch him go."

metric is amazing, and emily is such a great singer.

My take on it | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Combat Baby performed by Metric

I love this song because it shows the lead singer of Metric seems to be making a spot on observation of the music scene - while still creating a work that could easily be about a relationship.

The music scene part seems a little tricky to understand - so here is my take on it.

Instead of the high-energy audiences of the past, you have the caffeine-free trendster crowd who doesn't understand you have to be willing to "fight" to show your love for the scene - and bring the energy to the show. She reveals this in the line about the mighty mild 70's child - the era when headbanging rockers thrashed hardcore energy - that apparently puts her to shame.

To be fair, after seeing her at Voodoo, I have to admit that she rocked pretty hardcore - even when she was singing otherwise depressive songs.

Review of Butcher by Metric | Reviewer: Chapin
    ------ About the song Butcher performed by Metric

Singer/synth specialist Emily Haines along with guitarist James Shaw have been writing music together for twelve years as Metric. Before forming the group Haines had been writing lyrics for some time, while Shaw had been writing instrumentals and chord progressions. When they became musically involved, one of the results when they pieced the two was ‘butcher’. It’s slow, deprived and depressing feel really pulls me in.
In this song, unlike many of their others (which is a shame), they really take advantage of Haines’ compassionate and mood provoking singing ability. I can feel the deprivation and sadness behind her voice like she’s singing lyrics that have a personal meaning. The song begins with the repetition of two downtempo-unusual sounding chords. At the moment Haines begin to sing, another layer played by a flute begins to play every other note along with the piano. The two combined add a certain harmony to the song and add to the existing meter (hard piano note – flute holds note – piano plays a few notes followed by another hard piano note – flute holds new note etc.). The vocals fall into the pattern of going hard then soft then hard, and at times it sounds like the flute is changing with them as well, although it is hard for me to tell. We get a cool sounding contrast around twenty-four seconds when the vocals temporarily increase in pitch. These subtle but powerful nuances cause this very slow tempo song to keep my attention as a listener. It’s not until a minute into the song when three new layers are introduced; a base guitar, and what sounds like a couple of trumpets (flute ends, piano stops playing filler notes). The new layers, however, follow the same melody of the prior two layers. This is a really cool effect because essentially the mood of the song remains the song but the timbre changes. What may attract me to this song is that I love trumpet, when used correctly is adds a new level to any song. Quite a surprise from the New Wave electric band. About half-way through the tempo increases slightly, a drum beat is added and the flute makes another appearance.
The instrumentals and organization are fantastic, however, this review would not be complete without some lyrical analysis, I feel a lot of value, emotion and deep feelings were put into them. Who is this song directed to? I think Haines is switching from a first person perspective where she is talking to an ex-lover, to her own thoughts on lessoned learned in life. (whether Haines is writing from her own experiences I do not know) It looks to me the character has been in a very long, but good relationship that they wish to end. The very first line, “your so handsome in this light”, speaks to me like “I love you but I want to cut my ties and see what else is out there”, “we’re so boring, we’re so white”. “neglect the flesh to pursue the bone” (such a powerful line) – the character is doing what they truly feel to be right. They reflect/deal with their actions by coming to the resolve; “Learn to bend, learn to butcher, make amends and do it over again”, such a straightforward, compelling, powerful, and deeply emotional line – I absolutely love it. Having said all this I can’t make out the sense in the last line, “do it over”, what could she be referring to? The relationship has ended, the protagonist has their reason: maybe it means that they believe all relationships will end boring and white, while they once thought they would feel wholesome and brown, and the final line is them progressing to thinking about life as some boring, dull factuality.
This song has attracted me to the band, and to a genre I probably otherwise would not have been interested in. Haines writes poetically and emotionally which makes this a great song to listen to in a quiet space with the headphones on.

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