Metallica Lyrics

Part 1:
It's the sort of story that scriptwriters would get laughed
out of conference rooms for entering. The sort of story
that illustrates perfect synchronicity between hunger,
passion and time. The sort of story that only happens every
30-odd years. And the sort of story that would
approximately 500 pages to do it true justice.

Metallica. A household name. The 7th biggest selling act in
American history.

Who'd have thought it when, on October 28th, 1981, drummer
Lars Ulrich made guitar player/singer James Hetfield an
offer he More...

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Review about Metallica songs
Great Song | Reviewer: Blackened
    ------ About the song The Unforgiven performed by Metallica

Im a colombian guy, its funny because i never seen the liyrics before but now i understand the real sense of the song, i feel so much inspired with this lyrics and this song its similar to my life so thank u for upload this nice song

ImPuppet of metallica:-D | Reviewer: Metallica addiction
    ------ About the song Master of Puppets performed by Metallica

This song is just awasome its a great record. After listining to this song ive promise my self that i will cover this song and tribute to metallica. Who the motherfuckers says that this song is about satan well you just listen holyshit and open up your fucking closed eyes its not about satan its about how drugs fucks up your life when you are addicted to it. Drugs dealers and other addicts who are addicted to drugs says this song is about santan cause they love to do that and want their life controlled by it and wants to be killed by it fuck off you son of puppets. This song is a picture of todays real world so face reality, face metallica,listen to their songs will be satisfy.

my argument | Reviewer: noneofyourbusiness
    ------ About the song Ride the Lightning performed by Metallica

love how most reviews are half about the song and half about their opinion of metallica and dave mustaine. i will say my opinion but not about anything having to do with the song or band. this song to me is some guy sentenced to the electric chair (i could probably find a different meaning but i have a ride the lightning shirt and it has a guy getting electrocuted on the back and it is the only song i can think of about this topic). i do not believe in killing anyone. i don't care how old they are or what they did. abortion is murder because you are taking a life and the unborn baby can't protect itself. obama keeps on saying "think of the children..." wherever yet he lets us kill our own kids without giving them a chance to even live. if you didn't want kids maybe you should have been more careful. i don't believe in killing even dangerous people like terrorists or bombers. the way i see it, they kill a bunch of people so the government decides to kill them. does that make sense to you? if i go out and kill my neighbors, and my neighbor burns stuff that is really dangerous (fires that are huge and will probably do damage to our health and there are a bunch of junk items like couches sinks fridges and tires near where he burns things cars eveywhere and the occasional explosion followed by even bigger flames), i will go to jail. if i go to jail for that, why can the government break the law and kill the killer? if they kill murderers, that makes them murderers and who will kill them? why is that fair and how? when some major tragedy happens most people want the person who caused it to die. they are thinking of themselves and not the person they wish dead's family. sure you may be upset that you lost a loved one because of this person but how do you think that person's family and friends feel if they get killed? exactly the same. it is disgusting that one human could wish another human dead but not even realize they are doing the exact thing they think deserves death. the only time it is okay to murder someone (in my opinion) is war, they aren't really living (stuck in a hospital unable to ever live again without tubes and a hospital bed and they can't even talk), and self defense ONLY if it is absolutly neccasary. of course, your opinion is most likely only partially the same as mine. i'm not forcing you to do anything just please at least consider what i just wrote. try to really think about it because that's what i did. it probably sounds like i am siding with the bad guys but i just think they're being treated unfairly. not my fault people don't consider everything and think about what they are really doing. please don't hate me for sounding like i'm backwards in my views but try to open up and see what is really happening. awesome song and album and was actually the first FULL metallica album i heard and i heard it sometime last year (i'm only 13 and i've heard 4 or 5 more since then)

yeah... | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Sad But True performed by Metallica

hey a 14 years old girl from bulgaria.look,i know that life without Metallica is dull.i listen to that dam band always and my opinion jaymz's voice is just creeping awesome!just hear him in Shoot me again or fixxxer.and,yeah,hes actually in q very very good shape for his,the thing i was saying-people just rock ya<3

Great song. | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song One performed by Metallica

One of my all time favourite Metallica songs, I just wish the bass was more prominent. Beautiful harmony vocal between James and Jason on the line 'Just like a wartime novelty'. Jason was an excellent bassist but it was just too quiet on this song (and album for that matter).

Metallica! | Reviewer: Sam
    ------ About the song ...And Justice for All performed by Metallica

If you hate Metallica so much cause they "ruined your life" after cliff died give it up and go wine somewhere else. The beauty of bands and music is it changes. Metallica to me kills it on every song guitar bass drums lyrics everything clicks.. If you have never seen them live you better before they leave this world!! Die hard Metallica fan till I die. No better music out there

Try to understand... | Reviewer: SomeKindOfDejan
    ------ About the song Some Kind Of Monster performed by Metallica

If any of you acctualy wached the documentary Some Kind of Monster, you could know why is St.Anger an album like it is...There were tensions in band,and it's a miracle the band still even exists.There were no solos,because Kirk said he didn't want to play them,and want to go on without them.The influence of Bob Rock was big,they even had E tunings because of him,and just look how he influenced Metallica,he produced Black Album,which meant Metallica's new approach to the heavy metal music,Load and ReLoad are almost alternative rock,as described by many,Garage Inc. was cover album,and then came St.Anger,so i had came to the conclusion that Metallica isn't the same with Rock and without him,as he was even playing bass on this album...Death Magnetic was a kind of redemption of the old Metallica,but it's not going to be easy to get back to the thrash and pure heavy metal roots...Kill 'Em All,Lightning,Master and Justice were produced by the other producers,and now the band isn't working with Bob Rock anymore is a kind of a relief to me,even though I like him like a person,I don't think he is Metallica's kind of a producer,anyway,we should all thank him for the Black Album.
I honestly like many songs from his albums,especialy the Black one,but also Load,ReLoad,Garage,and in the end St.Anger.
Anyway,I hope the old Metallica will be back in the future releases,as I like the older stuff more.
And I love this song a lot.
Love old Metallica,love St.Anger Metallica,love 'a kind of a resurected old' Metallica and will love the new old Metallica.

Metallica review | Reviewer: raiderphan68
    ------ About the song My Friend Of Misery performed by Metallica

I hear so many say that the black album was there finest......hush kids, it was there sellout album. If your a true hardcore metalhead, nothing after master of puppets is legit. the black album brought them into the limelight and made them millionares and that is fine, probably what i would do as well. However, before master of puppets was paid for with honest homegrown anger, sweat and touring......that is true METALLICA!

narcissism | Reviewer: Jino
    ------ About the song So What performed by Metallica

guys,take it easy.its just a cover and if u think its offensive u can listen not to it.the truth is my family arent really good at english and i enjoy listening to this shit loud in my reminds me of narcissist people and i enjoy letting the gucking people down :-D

Metallica and Disturbed SUCK!!!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Of Wolf And Man performed by Metallica

The fact that all of you are arguing about Metallica, saying they are the greatest metal band ever, and even so far as saying Disturbed is so great has such intense meaning to their songs proves that the majority of you are complete idiots or just like to argue about something regardless of whether it's valid or not. Metallica WAS the greatest metal band ever until sometime between Black album and ReLoad. After wanna call it metal? And Disturbed being such a great band? Regurgitating the same formula that made them hit big and repeat it song after song for every album after? Not great musicianship at all. Maybe Draiman wrote good lyrics, I never gave a fuck to read them. Disturbed is the most bullshit "metal" band that exists. I liked the first album, but when they prove theyre a bunch of record label tools and repeating the same formula instead of writing real music like real musicians do and have something different to offer and wow their fans with each and every album and some bands do it with every damn song....fuck Metallica and their abercrombie and fitch bags and Disturbed and that despicable excuse for a "new" project called "Device" that is just an excuse for that fag to do another Disturbed album to keep the money rolling in.

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