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Part 1:
It's the sort of story that scriptwriters would get laughed
out of conference rooms for entering. The sort of story
that illustrates perfect synchronicity between hunger,
passion and time. The sort of story that only happens every
30-odd years. And the sort of story that would
approximately 500 pages to do it true justice.

Metallica. A household name. The 7th biggest selling act in
American history.

Who'd have thought it when, on October 28th, 1981, drummer
Lars Ulrich made guitar player/singer James Hetfield an
offer he More...

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Review about Metallica songs
To fall in love with life again | Reviewer: Afanazol
    ------ About the song Fixxxer performed by Metallica

After many years of listening this song, basically since the album was released, I got finally stuck with the depth and emotional honesty of its lyrics, as well as its relationship to my own personal life experience.

I my perception, the deep message of this text is: there are subsequent bad things that happen us, they are unexpected but fell very much to be intentional (this is this "you" of the song), like pins, and we cannot move, run away, hide, as voodoo dolls. Maybe those things that happen to us are even not intended against us, but against someone or something else - voodoo doll is also not a generic object of hate, just a tool, device. We experience all this total disempowerement, pain, and returning bad unexpected events ("Just when all seems fine and I'm pain free / You jab another pin") - and our love for life, trust in it, dies. These are the broken worlds. The broken worlds of our hopes, our safe worlds, broken by pins put into us. Then we remain on the rope, cannot run, and just stay. This is the same message as in the Unforgiven. But then there is more: the irony, of trying to search for the return to light, to live, in the fake substitution, in the fake honesty, fake rebirths. And these are the verses with "Shell of shotgun / Pint of gin" and "Renew our faith which way we can / to fall in love with life again". Here this falling in love with life is superficial. This trait of superficiality is very close to those in outlaw torn ("And if my face becomes sincere / Beware") and other places. This song is full of painful hope, and questions asked to a dark sky with cold stars. This is a hope for falling in love with life again. Truly.

It is extreme experience to see in a single moment how much time James spent consciously in being precisely aware of his state, and not being able to move away. Since fade to black and trapped under ice, via e.g. unforgiven, up to fixxxer - this is a returning story. The story of James. But also, when stripped from some specific details of individual life trajectories, also the story of me, and probably you - as you are reading it.

It is quite ironic that apparently successful therapy has finally led James to be free and love life again, but this resulted in the collapse of the artistic quality of his songs.

I am happy for him, his texts remain for us, while he is back in life. This happens also to me. Good luck to all of you who still feel pins, and hope to fall in love with life again. It will happen.

awesome | Reviewer: blackrangerfan4ever
    ------ About the song Enter Sandman performed by Metallica

this song is awesome and is remind me of gays and running away from them and waking up and then all of them disappearing and if my words are too deep for you too handle the GO TO HELL.

Love it! <3 ^^ | Reviewer: Mack
    ------ About the song Bad Seed performed by Metallica

It used too be my favorite song.Still love it and still love the Load albums...Heh kinda reminds me of ZZ TOP's La Grange.Wouldn't be surprised,the guys said that one of their influences are ZZ TOP.

St anger | Reviewer: Fan
    ------ About the song St. Anger performed by Metallica

Great lyrics on this song i can really relate, my anger isnt healthy allways had some anger issues i cant let myself over little details i just get pissed and keep it in. But when its freed... Well i have broken many things dear to me. When really mad actually felt like killing myself as the lyrics say. Also cant really hide my anger when im mad at someone it shows. But guys please if you dont like the song why do you read the lyrics?

    ------ About the song Welcome Home performed by Metallica

Who says complicated stuff about this song, I honestly think you're wrong. It's just song about a guy locked up in a madhouse. The people that work there make him believe that he is "mentally deranged" and "whisper things into his brain". So he thinks of escape in the part where he says "violent use springs violent plans".

Honestly... | Reviewer: Juan
    ------ About the song ...And Justice for All performed by Metallica

I think this is the good stuff, don't wanna remind someone the death magnetic came out and they do trips and shit, but death magnetic..
is pretty generic, i preffer live in the past

    ------ About the song Motorbreath performed by Metallica

I see so many of you arguing over old albums vs new albums... This producers vs that producer, pre napster vs post napster, Cliff vs Jason vs that new guy... STFU!!! If music doesn't evolve with the times it becomes stale, plain and simple. They get better at their art, they have new influences impacting them all the time. The fact is... they're still the same powerhouse we've always loved but their style has changed here and there. The same can be said for any relevant band. You don't discuss this topic regarding the others because they didn't have the staying power of Metallica. I saw Megadeth last year... it was pathetic. The peaked long ago and never came close to coming back.... My point... STFU and listen to whatever album you like the most because Kill'em All, Justice, Lightning... they're not coming back because they sheouldn't. They've been done... Metallica has evolved so either adjust and hangon or find someone else... That is all.

Depends the reason | Reviewer: Duke
    ------ About the song Disposable Heroes performed by Metallica

I m also from Greece. There is a Far East saying...
Be always prepared for fight. So that you'll never need to fight!

After all, agressive fighting for oil or whatever other Company Interests is stupid and faul.
But when it comes to defend your family from slaughter and dishonour then i say one thing ...NO PRISONERS NO MERCY motherfokaz!!!!

Greeks that dont want to go to army and learn how to defend the very last piece of land thats left for us ,in this barbaric neighbour we live here last 1000 years, defend their family and friends... they are just coward piece of shits...they dont deserve to call themselves Greeks. And i already know many persons of that shity kind... they are selfish and untrustful . Unworthy of doing anything right except of whimping around for everything like sisies. SO... NO MERCY... again

    ------ About the song For Whom the Bell Tolls performed by Metallica

yes we honored his request (i wanted to CRANK THE SHIT OUT OF ,"FOR WHOM THE BELL TOLLS", like he wanted it at his wake,but certain family members yelled at me, yes i should have done it and said F'U but im pretty sure the funeral director would have called the cops I play that song for his birthday and "his as i say "going away day" the part where it says "Take a look to the sky just before you die It's the last time you will" is just what he did.
Also the song FADE TO BLACK ,even though i know it means something else, its sooooo what i fell!!!!
little comfort he went out doing something he LOVED AND 0N A HARLEY DAVIDSON

'Civilization' | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song The Unforgiven performed by Metallica

In general, it can be relatable to anyone who has grown up within the machine called 'civilization'. This is about being subdued from the time you are born by being constantly whipped into a certain type of mould with rules that fit in with society and mostly everyone participates in it because they're also indoctrinated in the same way and think it's for your own good so at every turn your own thoughts are deprived because they don't matter and will even be turned against you as if you've done something wrong if they don't fit into the mould of society. The song is about a guy who knew this at one time and told himself they wouldn't do it to him -let them take away his will- but then changing to trying to please people and do what it takes to get along and fit in because he gets tired of the fight where every time you attempt to be individual you get knocked down by the majority and in the end regretfully realizing that's what happened and he did let them repress that part of him so that he never got to see what might have been. We all know what that's like -especially if your looking at this from a computer I'm going to assume you haven't been spared of this by living your whole life in a remote area outside of 'civilization' because it only takes a taste of 'civilization' to know what this feels like.

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