Metallica Albums

  • Beyond Magnetic Album (12/13/2011)
    Hate Train
    Just A Bullet Away
    Hell And Back
    Rebel Of Babylon

  • Lulu Album (10/31/2011)
    Brandenburg Gate
    The View
    Pumping Blood
    Mistress Dread
    Iced Honey
    Cheat On Me
    Little Dog
    Junior Dad

  • Death Magnetic Album (9/12/2008)
    That Was Just Your Life
    The End Of The Line
    Broken, Beat & Scarred
    The Day That Never Comes
    All Nightmare Long
    The Unforgiven III
    The Judas Kiss
    My Apocalypse

  • St. Anger Album (6/4/2003)
    St. Anger
    Some Kind Of Monster
    Dirty Window
    Invisible Kid
    My World
    Shoot Me Again
    Sweet Amber
    Unnamed Feeling
    All Within My Hands

  • S & M (Edited) Album (11/23/1999)
  • Garage Inc. Album (12/15/1998)
  • Re-Load Album (11/18/1997)
  • Load Album (6/1/1996)
  • Live Sh*T-Binge & Purge Album (11/23/1993)
  • Metallica Album (8/1/1991)
  • And Justice For All Album (2/1/1988)
  • The $5.98 E.P.: Garage Days Re-Revisited Album (8/21/1987)
  • Master Of Puppets Album (7/7/1987)
  • Ride The Lightning Album (7/7/1987)
  • Kill 'Em All Album (2/1/1983)

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    Reviews about Metallica albums
    The black album | Reviewer: CactusHandz
        ------ About the album Master Of Puppets performed by Metallica

    iv listened back to it a few times, its actually really just not listening to it properly..the best way? jump in your car or your mates whip, hit the late night highway when there's no one about, turn up the black album and cruise...then the album will touch you. i listen to it every day and even though it aint as good as master of puppets and ride the lightning, its still up there..just these 3 albums..all day..every day..rock on!
    Best song? for me, For Whom The Bell Tolls..

    Can anyone say "SPEED" which is slang for "Methamphedamine" ie., crystal meth, ice, etc. | Reviewer: Anonymous
        ------ About the album Master Of Puppets performed by Metallica

    The lyrics "chop your breakfast on the mirror", "obey your master" and especially, "your life burns faster" say it all! If you've ever "tweeked", gotten "spun" or "sketched" for any length of time you know what I'm talking about. In any case, whatever you want to call it, it is what myself and most hardcore users call it, "SPEED". Because it does exactly that! Speeds up your "WHOLE" life process (if used on a regular basis), such as as your looks, your heart rate, your thought process, tooth loss(meth mouth), losing/killing very important brain cells permanently and most of all, a shorter life span. Your brain has stimuli(sense organ) which is responsible for creating feelings like pleasure,happiness and euphoria, just to name a few. And, if the drug is used excessively over an extended period of time, it will eventually cause depression, anxiety, sadness and even suicidal ideation, which can result in ones own demise (DEATH). These are "very serious" mental disorders which are often overlooked or unrecognized by the "user" but, oh so noticeable to others who knew them before they started using the shit! So, if you're abusing this drug you should really take head of the message Metallica is sending in this kick-ass song. Or, you can end up like me, possibly becoming bi-polar or worse, institutionalized or six feet under. Being bi-polar usually means taking anti-depressants, anti-psychotics and/or mood stabilizers just to be able to function on a daily basis. The repercussions aren't worth it. So, when you're jammin' to this tune, really "LISTEN" to the words, SERIOUSLY! Otherwise, you'll be walking in my shoes sooner or later. It's inevitable, especially if your able to get ahold of what I call "rocket fuel" (the most purest form of this drug). I tweeked for over 17 years on the shit and now must take meds just to cope with everyday life. So, if you think you have it under control, you're sadly mistaken and over time you'll, most likely, end up like me. JUST SAYIN', it's really not worth it. A few months back I thought I could stop taking (1) of my meds and I ended up becoming "manic" and relapsed after almost 10 years of no use...and all it did was cause me a lot of unnecessary bullshit and grief! If I were to have only come across this type of info back in my younger days I would have stopped shit! Listen up Metallica lovers, the shit's NO JOKE!

    True metal in the 80s. | Reviewer: Adahrii Darell
        ------ About the album And Justice For All performed by Metallica

    After this album, Metallica's name had faded from metal world.
    In the early 80s, their record were commercially Success.
    Songs like Master of puppets, Fade to black, Creeping Death, Sanitarium, One etc made Metallica famous. But in 90s, most of the album were flopped. The only songs was"
    Uniforgiven II" from Reload album. Yet, they are still Active today.

    Amazing album | Reviewer: metal-fan-666
        ------ About the album Load performed by Metallica

    Excellent album, not one bad song, can - and should - be listened to three times consecutively and it just gets better. There is no Metallica album with more heartfelt songs.

    While many people bag this album because they want another "Master of Puppets" of "...And Justice for All" (don't we all), the fact remain that if this album was released by a band not called Metallica it would receive glowing reviews.

    01/23/2013 | Reviewer: jesse
        ------ About the album Ride The Lightning performed by Metallica

    well im from middle east and here in syria we love metallica more then anybody or any country and ride the lighting very fuckin awesome album cause its have an amazing black riffs and fuckin awesome solos my fav song is fade to balck and that album is slay

    Good to see Middle Easter appeal with Metallica | Reviewer: SomeRandomAussie
        ------ About the album Ride The Lightning performed by Metallica

    Just wnat to say I'm STOKED that the fine people form Iran can enjoy this type of music. I think there is a general misconception that folks from the Middle East hate or cannot understand rock n' roll and metal etc. ROCK ON IRAN!!

    Back To The Original Metallica | Reviewer: WOODY
        ------ About the album Death Magnetic performed by Metallica

    METALLICA IS BACK! A brilliant album. Personally, I feel that it sounds a lot like their past album "Ride The Lightning". This is what all metal music should sound like. If you don't have this album...get it!


    Awesome! | Reviewer: Jimmy
        ------ About the album Kill 'Em All performed by Metallica

    Gotta love the old school metal sound. Reminds me of early Slayer from around the same time. WTF happened to them? Especially the Load garbage? Anyway, amazing considering this album was recorded nearly 30 years ago. I'd take my hat off if I was wearing one to these guys.

    Um... sorry, but | Reviewer: ~DITD~
        ------ About the album St. Anger performed by Metallica

    almost ALL of the other albums are better.
    Metallica is one of my favorite bands (I grew up listening to what a lot of people call The Black Album), but I don't go to the "everthing they do is instantly awesome" point. I like some of the songs off this album, but others just don't do it for me.

    Metallica | Reviewer: Jeremy
        ------ About the album Load performed by Metallica

    Metallica are the led zepplien of this generation they do different things on each album there sound is different because they always put the band first before anything sure they got family now but they put there band first and they will keep kicking ass for at least 15-20 maybe they won't some of the thngs they used to 14-15 years from now but they will keep making records and playing 2-3 year tours so people stop bitching because there albums Load-Re-Load era are different and they cut there hair or drinking martini and there sound is different also st Anger was very good album more modern but it kicked ass and i say no one will ever be a metallica fan unless they appericate metallica looks and there albums so screw you guys

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