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Release Date: 07/07/1987
Tracks in Master Of Puppets: Battery, Master Of Puppets, The Thing That Should Not Be, Welcome Home (Sanitarium), Disposable Heroes, Leper Messiah, Damage, Inc.

Master Of Puppets Album Tracklist

The black album | Reviewer: CactusHandz | 4/18/14

iv listened back to it a few times, its actually really just not listening to it properly..the best way? jump in your car or your mates whip, hit the late night highway when there's no one about, turn up the black album and cruise...then the album will touch you. i listen to it every day and even though it aint as good as master of puppets and ride the lightning, its still up there..just these 3 albums..all day..every day..rock on!
Best song? for me, For Whom The Bell Tolls..

Can anyone say "SPEED" which is slang for "Methamphedamine" ie., crystal meth, ice, etc. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/22/13

The lyrics "chop your breakfast on the mirror", "obey your master" and especially, "your life burns faster" say it all! If you've ever "tweeked", gotten "spun" or "sketched" for any length of time you know what I'm talking about. In any case, whatever you want to call it, it is what myself and most hardcore users call it, "SPEED". Because it does exactly that! Speeds up your "WHOLE" life process (if used on a regular basis), such as as your looks, your heart rate, your thought process, tooth loss(meth mouth), losing/killing very important brain cells permanently and most of all, a shorter life span. Your brain has stimuli(sense organ) which is responsible for creating feelings like pleasure,happiness and euphoria, just to name a few. And, if the drug is used excessively over an extended period of time, it will eventually cause depression, anxiety, sadness and even suicidal ideation, which can result in ones own demise (DEATH). These are "very serious" mental disorders which are often overlooked or unrecognized by the "user" but, oh so noticeable to others who knew them before they started using the shit! So, if you're abusing this drug you should really take head of the message Metallica is sending in this kick-ass song. Or, you can end up like me, possibly becoming bi-polar or worse, institutionalized or six feet under. Being bi-polar usually means taking anti-depressants, anti-psychotics and/or mood stabilizers just to be able to function on a daily basis. The repercussions aren't worth it. So, when you're jammin' to this tune, really "LISTEN" to the words, SERIOUSLY! Otherwise, you'll be walking in my shoes sooner or later. It's inevitable, especially if your able to get ahold of what I call "rocket fuel" (the most purest form of this drug). I tweeked for over 17 years on the shit and now must take meds just to cope with everyday life. So, if you think you have it under control, you're sadly mistaken and over time you'll, most likely, end up like me. JUST SAYIN', it's really not worth it. A few months back I thought I could stop taking (1) of my meds and I ended up becoming "manic" and relapsed after almost 10 years of no use...and all it did was cause me a lot of unnecessary bullshit and grief! If I were to have only come across this type of info back in my younger days I would have stopped shit! Listen up Metallica lovers, the shit's NO JOKE!

Best Metal Album Ever Made! A classic! | Reviewer: TheMetalHeadReviewer | 3/20/09

There are few albums that can even compare to the level of greatest than what "Master of Puppets" can offer. Almost everything on this album is perfect: the lyrics, the songwriting, the instrumentation. EVERYTHING! Even the vocals are amazing. James Hetfield had improved a lot since their last two outings. Here is my rundown of each song:

1. Battery: Wow! What a way to start out an album! A near perfect accostic guitar in the beginning, than it kicks you ass into another world! Everything you want in metal is here and is probably one of the best metal songs ever! (9.8/10)

2. Master of Puppets: In my opinion, this is probably the greatest metal song ever made by man. It's perfect! The lyrics, guitarwork, and structure is all 100% on key with this masterpiece. Absolutely amazing and legendary. This is one of the very few songs I will ever give a rating more than 10, but it deserves it for its excellence and it's staple on metal in general! Metallica, I am not worthy! (11/10)

3. The Thing That Should Not Be: In my opinion, this is probably the weakest song on the album, but it's still great nonetheless. Just not AS good, but that is an understatement! (8.8/10)

4. Welcome Home (Sanitarium): One of Metallica's best ballads. Starts off slow and ends with a bang! Amazing once again! (9.5/10)

5. Disposable Heroes: An extremely heavy song that is just incredible beyond words! The guitar in this song is unreal! Just amazing! (9.8/10)

6. Leper Messiah: A more moderately paced metal song. Kick ass as always with excellent vocals and guitar! Great again! (9.8/10)

7. Orion: This song I believe is the best instrumental in the history of metal/rock! I cannot say anymore than what Cliff Burton can do on bass here! Again, nearly perfect on all levels. (10/10)

8. Damage Inc: Starts out with slow, volume swells than it kicks again and erupts into one of the most explosive metal songs EVER! Just great.

Well to sum it all up, this is Metallica's greatest album. Then again, it is the best metal album ever made! It has everything you want in it: Amazing guitar, a variety of songs that doesn't leave you bored, classic after classic song, and it will leave you breathless! Every metal band to look at this album to how metal should be made! Metallica set the standard for ALL metal genres as they were clearly ahead of their time! If you love metal that truely kicks ass, or just like good music in general, then this is your album! 23 years later, it still rules and hasn't aged at all! A masterpiece indeed! Oh and R.I.P Cliff Burton, you were one of metal's best!

Pros: All excellent songs; the guitars and drums are awesome throughout; James vocals have never sounded better!

Cons: There really isn't any other than the production could have been a little better. (Then again it was the 1980's afterall!)

"Master of Puppets" album rating: (10/10)

THE BEST METAL ALBUM | Reviewer: george | 9/15/07

the bleeding riff from the ''battery'' fucks our ears and we know that the time is now..... the time to listen the best album in the history of heavy metal..the best album in the fucking universe!!!! the master James with the best bass player the unforgotten cliff the crazy guy from Denmark Lars and the master of solos kirk, are making this monster of metal..... OBEY!!!!!!

SIMPLY THE BEST | Reviewer: george | 9/15/07

The fucking bleeding riff of ''battery'' fuck our ears... and we know that is the time to listen the best album in the fucking universe....the master James the unforgotten cliff the crazy guy from Denmark and the master of solos kirk are making this monster of heavy metal..... obey!!!!!!!!

- | Reviewer: - | 5/31/07

U forgotten the number One, one of the most nice numbers of Master of Puppets!

holy f***ing hell | Reviewer: matthew | 4/24/07

holy fucking hell what an amazing album (and this coming from a guy who thinks heavy metal is for guys with longer hair then their girlfriends and more tats than a tattoo shop). this is by far and away the greatest album ever recorded with special mention to the best album the other "huge" metal band Iron Maiden recorded (the number of the beast). if it weren't for this absolute classic and absolute kickass album i probably wouldn't know metal exists and boy am I grateful p.s R.I.P cliff burton, and for that matter metallica because after 1991 (metallica the black album) their material blows. please for us metal fans return to your roots because we've missed you.

Master of Puppets | Reviewer: A.J. | 5/10/05

this album is litterly the greatest music album ever writtin. absolutly exellent. the master of puppets album did make as big of a ''leap'' as ride the lightning but it is still better. master of puppets is still simalar to ride the lightning in sound. you cannot compare anything to the master of puppets execpt ride the lightning

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