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Release Date: 06/01/1996
Tracks in Load: Ain't My Bitch, 2x4, The House That Jack Built, Until It Sleeps, King Nothing, Hero Of The Day, Bleeding Me, Cure, Poor Twisted Me, Wasting My Hate, Mama Said, Thorn Within, Ronnie, The Outlaw Torn

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Amazing album | Reviewer: metal-fan-666 | 8/17/13

Excellent album, not one bad song, can - and should - be listened to three times consecutively and it just gets better. There is no Metallica album with more heartfelt songs.

While many people bag this album because they want another "Master of Puppets" of "...And Justice for All" (don't we all), the fact remain that if this album was released by a band not called Metallica it would receive glowing reviews.

Metallica | Reviewer: Jeremy | 5/3/11

Metallica are the led zepplien of this generation they do different things on each album there sound is different because they always put the band first before anything sure they got family now but they put there band first and they will keep kicking ass for at least 15-20 maybe they won't some of the thngs they used to 14-15 years from now but they will keep making records and playing 2-3 year tours so people stop bitching because there albums Load-Re-Load era are different and they cut there hair or drinking martini and there sound is different also st Anger was very good album more modern but it kicked ass and i say no one will ever be a metallica fan unless they appericate metallica looks and there albums so screw you guys

Load and Reload are Good | Reviewer: Dan | 5/23/10

I like all the Metallica albums. Each of them have a different sound, and are good in their own ways. Stop trying to define Metallica as Metallica pre-load. If you really want to define them, then there would be Kill 'Em All Metallica, Ride the Lighting-And Justice for All Metallica, Black Album Metallica, Load-Reload Metallica, St. Anger Metallica, and Death Magnetic Metallica. That's like six forms of Metallica.

load & re-load | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/26/07

At times, in some melodic passages return to the glory of they first years playing excelents murderers. It also important the rithm work in load and reload because it is the powerful sound which generates a taste musical variations of these discs distant taste of the fans more heavy all metallica rules|

------ About the album Load performed by Metallica | Reviewer: dale | 9/28/07

Cutting your hair and changing your order at the bar have absolutly nothing to do with good or bad music. Their diffrance in apperance has no connection to the material on these new albums. it was more or less them adapting to the new scene so that they could stay marketable. these two albums contain excellent variations on metallicas signature sound. they have forever changed rock-n-roll and metal music, with the superb rymithic skills of lars aldrich, the seemingly unbeatable guitar skills of kirk hammett, and the mind blowing vocal and lyrical talents of james hetfield.

great stuff | Reviewer: jack | 9/4/07

i know that it`s many that don`t like this album.but i`m one of those guys that enjoy both parts.their new stuff and their old stuff.i can listen to master of puppets and load/reload.i think the loads are great was not that great but it was a period metallica had tough times.can`t wait to new album in early 08!

The Load & ReLoad Era | Reviewer: Venziir | 3/11/07

This is when Metallica wanted to try something different, and when Bob Rock took command.
You can't define Load or Reload as Heavy or Trash Metal albums, more like a mix between country, blues and hard rock. There are a few songs that are slighty heavy and trashy, such as Fuel, Devil's Dance and King Nothing.
If you love Metallica because of their early work, then Load and ReLoad will dissapoint you. So unless you are a collector, id get S&M instead, it contains quite a few load and reload songs, but they sound a million times better with the orchestra in the back.

Load | Reviewer: A.J. | 5/10/05

even though i like this album, this is a bit of a disappontment. they have changed alot in this album. this was when metallica cut off most of their , they changed thier apperance, their drinking martinies, they sounding alot differnt than before. theres still good songs on there, like until it sleeps, hero of the day, the outlaw torn, etc.

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