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Release Date: 02/01/1988
Tracks in And Justice For All: Blackened, ...And Justice For All, Eye Of The Beholder, One, The Shortest Straw, Harvester Of Sorrow, The Frayed Ends Of Sanity, To Live Is To Die, Dyers Eve

And Justice For All Album Tracklist

True metal in the 80s. | Reviewer: Adahrii Darell | 8/28/13

After this album, Metallica's name had faded from metal world.
In the early 80s, their record were commercially Success.
Songs like Master of puppets, Fade to black, Creeping Death, Sanitarium, One etc made Metallica famous. But in 90s, most of the album were flopped. The only songs was"
Uniforgiven II" from Reload album. Yet, they are still Active today.

Great Album | Reviewer: ross | 10/31/09

whats with the people saying that since its not as fast and thrashy as the last 3 that its not good?Its still an awesome album with songs like One,Blackened,Dyers Eve and Frayed Ends Of Sanity.And thats only 4 of them.

wow | Reviewer: random | 9/9/09

Its probably useless writing this but its annoying how everyone says "metalica sucks so much now they're not a real metal band" like quit the whining. Don't be upset just because a good band decided to change their style and make DIFFERENT music.seriously, in due time, change will occur, whether u like it or not. Just deal with it, if u don't like it.. Fine don't whine and complain about it, its not ur taste. Big deal listen to something else if not suitable for u... people these days......

Best Metal Band Ever | Reviewer: Mark Charron | 10/5/08

I'm getting sick of all these idiots calling Metallica sellouts. So what if they cut their hair and changed their style a few times. They had one bad cd which was st. anger. They are still the best heavy metal band to ever live

this isn't the last great metallica album | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/30/07

the last great Metallica Album is Reload, however load is crap, black is the brillrant, this and master of puppets is the best

Come back to us Metallica! | Reviewer: Sarah | 2/13/07

The 80's were the best for Metallica. They need to come back as Masters as they once were. We need another good album as this and Black!

justice is good, justice is gone | Reviewer: mike turcotte | 6/29/05

this was the last metal recording by metallica. the vocals, the over-all musicianship, it was all on this recording. there will never be another metal recording as great as this by metallica.

the last true metal cd | Reviewer: Metalhead Believer | 12/7/04

this was metallica's last album before they became corporate sellouts. certainly one of their greatest works. in my mind they were still respectable untill the latest cd.

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