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Gary Numan Metal Lyrics

Last updated: 06/09/2014 05:16:32 PM

We're in the building where they make us grow
And I'm frightened by the liquid engineers
Like you

My Mallory heart is sure to fail
I could crawl around the floor just like I'm real
Like you

The sound of metal I want to be you
I could learn to be a man
Like you

Plug me in and turn me on
Now everything is moving

I need my treatment if tomorrow they send me
Singing "I am an American"
Do you?

Picture this if I could make the change
I'd love to pull the wires from the wall
Did you?

And who are you and how can I try?
Here inside I'm like metal
Aren't you?

All I know is no one dies
I'm still confusing love with need
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