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Metallica Metal Militia Lyrics

Last updated: 05/05/2013 10:21:08 AM

Thunder and lightning the gods take revenge
Senseless destruction
Victims of fury are cowardly now
Running for safety
Stabbing the harlot to pay for her sins
Leaving the virgin
Suicide running as if it were free
Ripping and tearing

On through the mist and the madness
We are trying to get the message to you
Metal Militia
Metal Militia
Metal Militia

Chained and shadowed to be left behind
nine and one thousand
Metal militia for your sacrifice
iron clad soldiers
Join or be conquered the law of the land
What will befall you
The metallization of your inner soul
twisting and turning

On through the mist and the madness
We are trying to get the message to you
Metal Militia
Metal Militia

We are as one as we all are the same
fighting for one cause
Leather and metal are our uniforms
protecting what we are
Joining together to take on the world
with our heavy metal
Spreading the message to everyone here
Come let yourself go

On through the mist and the madness
We are trying to get the message to you
Metal Militia
Metal Militia
Metal Militia
Metal Militia(x2)

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Get Over It! | Reviewer: Chris | 5/5/13

It really seems to bother "some" of Metallica's fans that they can't rewrite history... though they've tried ...and tried ...and tried... Great tune. Mustaine wrote this one, now get over it!

Awesome song, it's not demonic | Reviewer: Goldmember | 4/4/13

A- stop the megadeth/metallica flame war

B- my thoughts on the song

It's a song of the metal scene and the criticism to it. Spreading the message being a band that is popular, saying you should "come watch us and enjoy the show, and also let your tensions go"

God That Failed | Reviewer: AonraX | 4/14/11

To all the Tallica Haters, Mustaine did write some parts of their songs... now listen to the solos if you will please. same damn shit only with variations every now and then... wow Great solos. Mustaine got kicked out for his problems and I am glad he did. Mustaine went on to create another Great Heavy metal band. I love their music. Now to all Haters I ask you, what if mustaine was never kicked out? Metallica wouldve prob crumbled and guess what? NO MEGADETH. So all you Megadeth lovers should think about that. Metallica this and Metallica thaat, without metallica there would be no Megadeth. they are both great bands and Real Metal Heads should not hate on any of them

meaning of the song | Reviewer: Milis | 3/29/11

this song is about the apocalypse. metal militia is probably a team created by devil OR metallica where people are gathered to take on the world. ''Stabbing the harlot to pay for her sins
Leaving the virgin'' the harlot and the virgin are contrasting the mother of jesus and there is shown a panic situation, so a solution to the panicked people is the metal militia who will ''join together to take on the world'' they will try to ''spread the message to everyone with their heavy metal'' with their music. ''on through the mist and the madness'' this shows a disastrous situation Thunder and lightning the gods take revenge
''Senseless destruction
Victims of fury are cowardly now
Running for safety
Stabbing the harlot to pay for her sins
Leaving the virgin
Suicide running as if it were free
Ripping and tearing'' that shows the destruction of the world and the possible reaction of the people.
its actually quite complex but there cannot be any other explanation.

So What? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/20/10

Mustaine did write it? So what? At that time he was a part of Metallica, which means, it IS a Metallica song. Why can't you take Metallica? Mustaine and his new band is not better than Metallica, can't be.

The truth behind this | Reviewer: For the Megadeth/Metallica bashers | 10/7/09

Okay, so here's how it goes. Mechanix vs The Four Horsemen: Dave Mustaine wrote the solo, and some of the music. James put the lyrics in, with Dave Mustaine. James thinks the lyrics are ridiculous, so changes them in the Metallica years with Kirk. Kirk, James, and co. add a bridge section, another solo, and rename it The Four Horsemen.

While Dave did not WRITE all of their music, he wrote some of their best guitar solo's, which is why Dave Mustaine had a fit when Kirk came on and started playing his guitar solo's note for note.

Also, Megadeth ran into the ground? Are you even intelligent enough to be posting here? Megadeth is doing very well, and they are second in sales ONLY to Metallica, as far as the metal scene goes, so don't tell me they've run into the ground. They are very well off, financially.

Thank you for your time.

erm | Reviewer: as always | 9/14/09

About the dudes that say that dave "wrote metallica's songs"..
Actually,he had a PART in writing those particular songs,he didn't "WRITE THEM ALL BY HIMSELF AND NOW METALLICA TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS IN ORDER TO GET MORE MONEY",no,that's not the case.
Dave was a great and inspirational guitarist and if he didn't act like a total DICKHEAD he could be still in metallica.
Megadeth ain't bad either,but they are not Metallica.Well,old metallica,after black album i can hardly find 2-3 decent songs in each album,with a small exception of 4-5 in death magnetic.

++++ Kill Em ALL +++ | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/11/09

Kill to all who say that MetallicA is where they are now only for mustain´s work, MetallicA create there own reppputation with songs like enter in sandman or Master or and justice for all or fight fire with fire...
Also Mustain said that he miss MetallicA because they were a family for him and he continius a relationship of friend with Lars and James obiusly not with kirk....
And about the songs, just compair the four horsman and mechanix I belive that James create the lyric in this song and maybe mustain add the solo part and the same whin Wisplash.....
I finish with this: METALLICA is one of the greatest bands of all the history and like james say:

:::...SO LET BE WRITEN SO...:::
:::...LET BE DONE...:::


::::...WE WILL NEVER QUIT...::::


Pd. sorry if there are some writing mistakes, i´m from Ecuador in south america so i dont speak english.... and MegadetH give us a great show in my city 2 years ago

simple math: Metallica > Megadeth | Reviewer: J | 6/21/09

Atleast Metallica was able to keep focused on the music unlike Mustaine who was an out of control alcoholic who if stayed with the band would've led them straight into the ground as he did for megadeth. Look at where Metallica is and look at where Megadeth is today, I think I prove my point.

Mustaine is a shit stain!

dave mustain | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/29/09

yea if you wan't to say Mettalica is the best comment it on a other song like from the album Master of puppets or something because LOTS of songs from kill em all AND several from ride the lightning are WROTE BY DAVE MUSTAINE and as everybody knows he's now at Megadeth so

correction! | Reviewer: Rattlehead | 5/24/09

i would like to correct all you cumheads who write comments here like "one of the best metallica songs" or "one of the best songs they ever composed".
because they didn't write it dickwads!!! Dave Mustaine wrote it and a bunch of their other songs!!!this is recognized by your beloved metallica too(yet they whined and moaned to keep them to themselves, not giving Dave a penny)!!! so stop spewing shit all over the internet and elsewhere.
what you should REALLY be writing is: "ooh! what wonderful songs Dave Mustaine wrote for metallica! i'm so grateful that he didn't take them back, cause without those great stolen songs, metallica wouldn't be where they are now!"
sincerley, Rattlehead.

They a beyong godlike.. | Reviewer: Martin | 11/9/07

The Gods of Metal are Metallica.. i agree fully with Chris.. they rule.. i mean.. the lyrics are facinating.. and the melody i kicking some serios ass.. My Favorite Song!!FULL ON METALLICA!

gods of metal | Reviewer: angel | 7/27/07

one of the greatest songs they ever composed, and when u think they can't get any better, they do! viva metallica!!!!!!!!

Signs of greatness | Reviewer: Chris | 7/8/07

One of the best thrash songs from the best thrash album ever, Kill 'Em All. Lyrically and musically it shows how great early Metallica was and how they showed so much promise before there next albums where they elevated themselves to God status