Mest Lyrics

Who is Mest? Mest is an escape from the hard times and
bullshit of everyday life. With songs most kids can
identify with, Mest has proven to be a great band of their
time. The music that Mest creates is an outstanding sound
of their generation. With anthems such as "Fuct Up Kid" and
"Rooftops" Mest has truly touched the hearts and minds of
many young rockers.

The band formed in 1994 on the Southside of Chicago in the
suburb known as Blue Island. Matt, Tony, and Steve decided
to start the band, not because of the fact that they were More...

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Review about Mest songs
i like this alot! | Reviewer: SugarScreamSwirl
    ------ About the song Kiss Me Kill Me performed by Mest

yea i get most of my music from shipping vids i watch. i heard this on a zadr one and i love the song. its so nice and it so awesome. i apparently cant pick out my own music i watch shipping vid of fav character to find music i like.

kissing me AND killing me | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Kiss Me Kill Me performed by Mest

Ha, lol at the first comment! (//_^) Anyway, this song reminds me of my crush. I'm pretty sure he knows that I like him but I don't know if he likes me back. We have a lot of fun together and stuff at school but sometimes I can't tell if he's being flirty or super nice and stuff because he's a really fun person. o_o Like the song says, in a way, you can lead me on just to tell me you don't like me (your kiss is torture), because killing me, just coming right out and saying it, would be TOO EASY. (//_•)

Gud song. | Reviewer: Punkj
    ------ About the song Last Kiss performed by Mest

It is a really gud one. Well done Mest. The has a diff sort of taste. Their music, unlike their band name, is kinda complicated n da lyrics are very simple n easy 2 learn n understnd n they dnt use confusing n overrated words which makes u scratch ur head n makes u search ur dictionary. Their lyrical language is simple, but still leaves a gud impact n u get da msg in da sng loud n clear which is a great talent. 'Last kiss' is a 10 on 10 n a must be heard song 4m this band. I dedicate dis 2 ma luv. U will remain da luv of ma life n I'l luv u till da last moment of ma life. N 4 ol da Mest fans, gt dis sng rite nw. Gud job Mest.

LOVE this song | Reviewer: InLoVeWiThHiM
    ------ About the song Kiss Me Kill Me performed by Mest

this is mine and my boyfriends song... i love that man to death and my dad said that we can't see or talk to each other... but i still am, but when i hear this song i think of him... i miss him so much! i don't know about anyone else, but I'm not going to get rid of our promise just because my dad has a tampon up his ass!

Jaded. | Reviewer: Sketch AFACE
    ------ About the song Jaded (These Years) performed by Mest

Summers spent wondering why and no one's answering, ha. Been there, done that. Totally off the charts, blows my mind. One of the greatest songs I have ever come to encouter, and trust me I have heard a lot of songs and read a lot of lyrics. This is golden, beyond the extremes. Listen to it, feel the lyrics slipping through veins, scary how songs can relate so well, huh? Yeah, tell me about it. Enjoy, kids.

Amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Stokers
    ------ About the song 2000 Miles performed by Mest

This song is one of their best ever!!!!! One of the best punk songs! Check out there other stuff

Great song! | Reviewer: Jay
    ------ About the song Your Promise performed by Mest

Really melodic, thoughtful punkpop song! I recommend it to any mest fan!

saweet | Reviewer: Amanda
    ------ About the song Fucked Up Kid performed by Mest

i lkove this song cause it speaks for alot of us when ppl put us down because we're young or different or whatever!!! rock on ya'll!!

awesome | Reviewer: Amanda
    ------ About the song Jaded (These Years) performed by Mest

this song is awesome because it talks about life the way it is plus benji is hott!!! rick on ya'll!!!

Really AWESOME song | Reviewer: avrie
    ------ About the song Jaded (These Years) performed by Mest

I LUV this song.Benji Madden sings in it too.I luv Mest.Tony Lovato is hot.hahaha lol.Anyways,this song is really god i fell in love with it the first time i heard it so,'s really awesome.*PEACE*

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