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Blonde Redhead Messenger Lyrics

Last updated: 07/04/2012 11:00:00 AM

Stay still, be still
No wonder you are always lost
As a messenger you must be known
With messages you must return
To be seen by demanding hands
And touches of jealous men
Invisible, unforgivable
To all their secret ends

Be it so be quick
Don’t run just walk and walk and walk
Don’t lose yourself to decorate
Somewhere on your wall
Cause somewhere in your mind
You know you are doing fine
Holding secret hair locks
You’ll pluck before you hide

So how can I keep anything to myself
So how can I keep anything to myself
So how can I keep anything to myself
Behind these clouds
I’m almost home.

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the messenger virtual | Reviewer: Cerebroscopio | 7/4/12

I think he talks about the messenger virtual the techconology it is pulling us appart from the human comunication, and it make us more cold, and distan from each other, rthe messenger that it is a channel where all the things information pass through it and they dont really know where they are gonna end it , and to whom they are gonna end it. so that s why ai use windows live. haha Joke