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Maverick country singer Merle Haggard represents an unusual
intersection in American music, a crossroad where folk,
pop, jazz and blues traditions are used to create his own
soul-baring form of expression. With an impressive 39 #1
country hits, numerous awards (Grammy, CMA, ACM, and BMI
have all acknowledged him), the 63 year old Haggard has
always set his own trends: he's the only country performer
ever featured on the cover of jazz bible Downbeat; the only
California born singer in the Country Music Hall of Fame;
and the only More...

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Review about Merle Haggard songs
A song that makes you feel- | Reviewer: Billy Ray - Greenville, TX
    ------ About the song I Know An Ending When It Comes performed by Merle Haggard

When I first heard this I must admit it was on.'Blue kentucky Girl' by emmylou Harris and the strangest thing there were tears rolling down my cheek and I hadnt realized it. The lyrics stung and were so spot on that i couldnt shake the song so I went online to discover it was written by the great Merle Haggard. Theres something so intense about songs that hit you so hard they leave you stumbling inside wondering how theyd put it so clearly the pain and suffering or even the joy youve felt or are feeling. This my friends is why Im not a song writer and they are. But oh how I love what they do when they do it. Thank you Emmylou for recording it so I finally heard it and thank you so much Merle Haggard for everything youve ever sang or written. I was hooked on Mama tried and Silver wings long long ago.

spend years in prison | Reviewer: Ronnie Camp
    ------ About the song If We're Not Back In Love By Monday performed by Merle Haggard

The love of my life and I were hsving trouble in 70's and I'd sing this song over and see I was sent to prison (kidnapping); for 7 years (no one was hurt and I took her back unharmed to her family); I then turned myself if and faced the charges I'd sing that song in the prison band (of course I'm no singer they let because I new them); anyway thats beem 40 yrs and believe or not we're back together now 4 yrs..and she taking me to see Merle April 26th at the v-Plex in Villa Rica Georgia...I've been a fan since 1970's and even sat down beside you on your flight from Atlanta after you playing in Athens was a short moment but this ole boy was one happy flyer.

Thank you Merle P.S. this is a birthday gift (birthday is May 14) would love meeting once again

Hippie Era not complete wiihout Okie from Muskogee | Reviewer: Zebedee
    ------ About the song Okie from Muskogee performed by Merle Haggard

Peace and Love, folks! I am a working musician. I just got off the stage and saw all the embittered comments from hippies and from anti-hippies. Our show today was devoted to the hippie era. We performed songs by Peter Paul and Mary, by Bob Dylan, by Janis Joplin, Simon & Garfunckle, Joni Mitchell, John Lennon & Yoko Ono, Barry McGuire. We did Feelin-I'm-a-fixin-to-die Rag by Country Joe and the Fish. Then for balance, we did the Ballad of the Green Berets by Sgt. Barry Sadler. Hey, folks, were we supposed to pick one side and pretend that the opposite point of view didn't exist? After singing "Give peace a chance" and "Kumbaya", we performed "Okie from Muskogie", one of the most out-spoken songs of the sixties; no matter that I was wearing a tie-died shirt, beads, sandals, round-lens rose colored glasses, and hair down below my shoulders. We are now in the 21st Century, so stop vexing yourself over obsolete culture wars, and enjoy the quality of the music from all sides. Peace, love and spare change, folks!

just had the way i am running across my mind | Reviewer: betty knight
    ------ About the song The Way I Am performed by Merle Haggard

there r times i have a song title walking across my mind and it bothers me so i have a way to rub it down tank u merl ilove you buddy go look atvern godsin site and imput your opioion it will cause more ruckes than i can, it vote vern imto the hall of fame

For my dearest ex boyfriend | Reviewer: Joryne
    ------ About the song Somewhere Between (Your Heart And Mine) performed by Merle Haggard

This song means so much for boyfrieng and i had been together for two yeard i truely madly deeply in love with him but now theres a wall so high dat reaches the sky between dis song is about our love story

Song fits me | Reviewer: Ruth
    ------ About the song Somewhere Between (Your Heart And Mine) performed by Merle Haggard

I am widowed for a year now. My friend has been widowed for almost 4 years. He sends me mixed messages one day he is sweet & loving next day he is standoffish. I am very much in love with Robert & he knows I am. But he acts like he loves me then He just shuts off. We have never made love just kissed. Rockets go off for me but not sure of him. This song is is exactly like us. I sent him the song on Email by Bonnie Owens He has never mentioned it.

a lover of music and voice | Reviewer: winn portera
    ------ About the song I Wish A Buck Was Still Silver performed by Merle Haggard

i ve been singing for years merls songs and struming a gitar to them i am in my sixties ifeel his songs he has gave me so much enjoyment ijust think he is salt of the earth that song is so true and real just like merl ifa buck was still silver now would that be nice aa keep singing merl get her done ok man

Working Man | Reviewer: |Dan Condie
    ------ About the song Working Man Blues performed by Merle Haggard

Only people in there 40's or older can relate to this song as back then big families were common. It took a hard working man to keep food on the table and clothes on your back.
Every now and then he could get discouraged due to the load on his back , but then he would "Go Back Working"

Super Song | Reviewer: Jerry Horner
    ------ About the song Reasons To Quit performed by Merle Haggard

This is a song that I have longed to learn since the '80s. I heard it on the radio the other day and looked it up and played it and now I can't get it our of my mind - but why would I? I am experiencing the use of a drum/bass machine and would like to know the tempo that those

Human Understanding | Reviewer: Kelly
    ------ About the song I Take a Lot of Pride in What I Am performed by Merle Haggard

I heard this song last Sunday on Rick Jackson's Country Hall of Fame for the first time and loved it. I grew up on classic country and have always loved hobo songs, of which this just may be the best. It's ingenious if you really listen to the words. This song also raised sentimental connections for me because I think this is exactly the sort of thing my Dad would've said. He was a self-made man if I ever met one, and he certainly did take a lot of pride in what he was. Merle Haggard has helped me do what years of striving, arguing and cajoling could not. He helped me understand my dad better, and see things for a moment through his point of view. Thanks Merle, wherever you are.

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