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Kenny Rogers Merica Lyrics

Last updated: 09/29/2014 07:07:30 AM

Red like the red dirt
Down in South Alabam
White, like the white lightning
mason jar in my hand

Blue, like the collar
Of a hard working man
The land that I love,

Red like the glow
From a Coca-Cola can
White like the coast
Filled with Carolina sand

We got blues and suede shoes
Mississippi river band
The land that I love,


From NY city
To the San Francisco bay
Colorado Rockies
To the Oklahoma bay

Know when the sun goes down
It will come round again
The land that I love,

Red, like your backside
When you don't say "yes, maam"
White, like the dance moves
From my drunk Uncle Stan

Blue in my rearview
But I don't give a damn
The land that I love,

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