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Meressin Biography

Last updated: 03/22/2003 05:38:42 AM

The band was founded 1993.09.06, by two brothers Darius and ├×ydrius Auguliai. Before MERESSIN, Darius and Zydrius had been playing hard rock and heavy metal. In the year 1993 Mode Miceika (drums) came to band. Members of MERESSIN were interested in old wave black metal, so they decided as the ground of their music to keep old wave black metal. A bit later Mindaugas "Voras" Lazauninkas (keyboards) came, but he was in the band only a few month, later he was fired.

Within some years there were created 8 compositions in the spirit of old black metal and recorded in October of '94 in Virgis Pazemeckas studio. The first demo tape "Satan, Oro Te, Reo Portas Patere" was released by underground Lithuanian company "DANGUS Prod." in the beginning of '95. The listeners evaluated "Satan, Oro Te, Reo Portas Patere" good enough and MERESSIN find fans. Soon after the drummer Mode left the band, and he was changed with Valdas "Slibinas" Latonas, who also after half of year left the band. Finally in the begininning of 1996, two new members joined MERESSIN - the drummer Arturas Darguzis and guitarist Mindaugas Vizgaudis. MERESSIN got ready to new records. The new material was recorded in the begininning of July '96, in Mazeikiai, in Romas Dambrauskas studio. The base of music was the same black metal with influence of heavy, thrash, occult metal. This album is experimental enough. Music and lyrics sound in this album more professional, more mature.

This album, called "The Baphomet's Call" with 9 songs, released the biggest Lithuanian music company "Bomba Records", and presentation of MC took place 1996.12.20 in Vilnius. The album released an edition of 500 copies. The manager of the band became Sekla, who cares about promotion of "The Baphomet's Call" in foreign countries.

MERESSIN is one of the mostly live playing bands and has its own image. The biggest gig of MERESSIN was the festival "Death Comes 6" together with some bands from Lithuania, Latvia and the star from Sweden THERION. The gig watched about 1500 metalheads.

The lyrics of band are visions from the dark sides, philosophy of satanism, intolerance to christianity, mysticism, a little mythology