Meredith Andrews Albums

  • Worth It All Album (1/22/2013)
    Open Up The Heavens
    Not For A Moment (After All)
    Strong God
    Start With Me
    Worth It All
    All I Ask
    Burn Away
    Your Kingdom Reigns
    Wonder Of Wonders
    The Gospel Changes Everything

  • As Long As It Takes Album (3/2/2010)
    Never Move On
    Only To Be Yours
    Can Anybody Hear Me
    As Long As It Takes
    Come Home
    All Will Fade Away
    What It Means To Love
    Live Through Me
    My Soul Sings
    In Your Arms
    How Great Is The Love

  • The Invitation Album (4/29/2008)
    You Invite Me In
    Lift Up Your Head
    You're Not Alone
    Show Me What It Means
    The River
    New Song We Sing
    Who Is Like You
    Draw Me Nearer

  • Mesmerized Album (4/12/2005)
    As Worship to You
    Highest Praise
    For Your Glory
    I Surrender It All
    We Praise Your Holy Name
    More of You
    Over Me
    All the Way
    Speak to Me
    Holy Is the Lord
    As Worship to You

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