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Mercyful Fate Biography

Last updated: 05/16/2001 11:58:25 PM

From 1982 until 1985, Mercyful Fate were:

King Diamond-Vocals
Michael Denner- Guitars
Hank Shermann- Guitars
Timi "grabber" Hansen- Bass
Kim Ruzz-Drums

With the Re-union in 1993, the same lineup returned for the album and European tour, with the exception of Drummer Kim Ruzz, who was replaced by Snowy Shaw. Bassist Timi Hansen also left after the European leg of the tour, and was replaced by Sharlee D'Angelo.

The Lineup remained the same for "TIME" and "Into the Unknown". Snowy Shaw was then replaced by Bjarne Holm on drums.

Unfortunatley, Michael Denner had also parted ways with the band at this point, to stay with his wife and family. His replacement was Mike Wead, who recorded with the band for "DEAD AGAIN" As well as "9" and has proven to be a sufficient replacement for Michael Denner.