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It’s been quite a year for MercyMe. Their INO Records
debut, Almost There, rocketed up the charts within weeks of
its August 2001 release, propelled by the success of their
mega-hit single, “I Can Only Imagine.” The record-breaking
disc was certified Gold in less than a year, is nearly
platinum now, and was the best-selling debut of 2001 in the
Christian industry. MercyMe was also honored by the
industry with three Doves Awards (for Song of the Year, Pop
Recorded Song of the Year and Songwriter of the Year for
MercyMe frontman and More...

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Review about MercyMe songs
Joseph worth | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Joseph's Lullaby performed by MercyMe

Absolutely beautiful song. Joseph played a very significant role in the birth of our Savior. Remember the Messiah was to be a descendent of David (that being Joseph not Mary). Mary was the woman Joseph loved.

Splendid work J.F.H. | Reviewer: Wenhold Derek, Wenhold
    ------ About the song Hold Fast performed by MercyMe

J.F.H. my friend, you did great work on the lyrics, and for the greatest cause known to man! I'm just a man who understands how this compassion thing works. He did it once, and He'll surely do it again! J.F.H., I'll see you there!

Simple but Powerful | Reviewer: Sherri H.
    ------ About the song Joseph's Lullaby performed by MercyMe

What a truly beautiful song. The words were simple but the message so powerful. I can not imagine what Joseph was going through, did he know his son was born to die. The child of his wife but not his biological son, how could he understand. Such faith and yet, he must have loved the child, Jesus. This really touched my heart.

Grace and Mercy, He is our protector, provider... | Reviewer: Deborah G, Brown
    ------ About the song I Can Only Imagine performed by MercyMe

Knowing Christ Jesus and want to be so much a part of his kingdom, i can only imagine for now because I know my mother, my father, 2 sisters and now my oldest brother have made it to the other side. The circumstances in how they left with me watching them take their last dying breath gives me unimaginable belief that our Lord and Saviour is with us every step of the way. i can only imagine what it would be like to unite with all of them again one day...

another version has been performed | Reviewer: jayson weber
    ------ About the song I Can Only Imagine performed by MercyMe

there is another version of this song with the exact same lyrics. I do not know if mercy me performs this other version but I know for a fact it exists. The other version I am referring to is not the version on you tube posted in 2010. Some one please help me out with this request!!!

In tears everytime.. | Reviewer: Timothy
    ------ About the song Homesick performed by MercyMe

We lost our son on the day he was supposed to be born.My wife went through hell that day,she did not even get to see him.But i held him in my hands, kissed him goodbye... Everytime in the song when he says "I close my eyes and I see you face"... Breaks my heart, its been 4 years but I still his face as I did that day.
I know that he will the second person I will see when I get home, I want to see my Lord first and I hope everyone who read this to know that no matter what, our Lord knows the BEST. Just hold onto HIM and everything will be alright. It is very true, In Jesus there are no goodbyes, we will see them soon one day.
God Bless You all...God Bless Mercy Me for such a wonderful song.

In Christ,
Timothy Divaker

my life | Reviewer: me
    ------ About the song Beautiful performed by MercyMe

this describes my life perfectly a friend reccomended it to me i listented to it and cried thank you moo i so needed that <3 you have no idea you brought the Lord back into my life and i will forever be in thanks.

God bless!!!!

mercy me indeed | Reviewer: bryan wendt
    ------ About the song If I Could Just Sit with You performed by MercyMe

What a load of sentimental goo. Nauseating. Effeminate. Meandering. Pedestrian. Should come with a disclaimer "Caution: Not meant for use in Christian worship service. May result in vacuous theology and false hope. "

Mr. Jernigan I challenge you to write something for the purpose of truly worshipping our great King and Redeemer, rather than marketing to weak, shallow women.

God is so Great! | Reviewer: Susan
    ------ About the song Bring The Rain performed by MercyMe

My husband and I lost our 19 year old daughter Elizabeth a month ago to a car accident. We are so thankful that she knows the Lord and is with the Lord Jesus right now. He has brought the rain, but we know that He is Holy and Perfect in all His ways, so we will go through the rain with Him!

Bring The Rain | Reviewer: Amy Lanier
    ------ About the song Bring The Rain performed by MercyMe

Im 17 years old, Im going in front of my church to sing this song. Because, this song in so True in everyday. Threw all my lain if it makes Jesus happy, just Please bring the rain! ♥

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