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Kanye West Mercy Lyrics

Last updated: 12/08/2013 01:00:12 PM

Dear Kanye West,
Fuzzy family thank you for bringing his dream to pass!!
millions were made from Fuzzy Jones intro. but Fuzzy Jones son and family did not get one cent. Nothing and no recognition...
Fuzzy Son and his family never get one cent from anybody for his his music!! Kanye a lto of artists use him but they did not pay up. We are looking for you not for your money but for your respect. Fuzzy was never about the money, he was just doing his work and when it was over he fly away home to glory.

Kanje if you read this please get in touch with the family for the truth and please help Fuzzy son. Fuzzy son have nothing he als lost his job trying to find you.He just wanted to ask you to help him and to repare his father grave. THAT IS NOT TOO MUCH?
Kanye i know you are a good and wise man. You will do the right thing ...

A part of The true story of Fuzzy Jones
Fuzzy Jones, Alty Salmon from Jamaica Warsop Trelawny died 1998. He died in a car crash on his way back from warsop to Kingston.
He was going home from a visit to his Mother.
He came home and give his mother the proud/ good news that he finaly made it. He have finaly a dubplate name KILL A SOUNDBOY (It will be Weeping and mourning and gnashing of teeth.
He also told us goodbye because he was leaving for a while to go to Europe on tour.

For the first time in his life after all the sufering and rejection in the studio. He was able to give his poor mother money to buy food.
He spend his whole life in the studio bij these assholes Beagle and the rest waiting for his big break. When Fuzzy died we did not have any money to bury him. We went to the studio to ask and asked the bass man for Fuzzy money. The Man said to us he don't have any money to give us for Fuzzy because he have 2 woman pragnant and he don''t have any money. The PEOPLE FROM THE STUDIO DID NOT HELP US WITH HIS FUNERAL AND NONE OF THEM CAME to pay there respect. Fuzzy did not get a proper funeral.Fuzzy did mension that a singer lady Saw had some money for him. We als asked her but Lady SAW said to us we could take 2 bags of cement from her house that she was building. Fuzzy died with nothing!
The People of Warsop Trelauwny Jamaica are caling out Please help Fuzzy Jones to get a good grave.He is not unknown and he was not a bad person.
If you think this is not True

Now we read a lot of lies over him on the internet.

Fuzzy from he was a small boy always write his own lyrics.He get a lot of beating for it. He was forbidden from his parents to use the word of the bible for his Dancehall Lyrics because his father was a Pastor. His father (pastor) was asked to step down from pastorial duties by the church people because his Son was a dancehal ICON.
Fuzzy and his Family has paid the high price.
Fuzzy did not like the church people but he LOVE GOD!!
His BURDEN/CALLING was to bring the Revelation to the people: vengeance upon the Wicked!!
He did his work for his GOD through his Voice intro...

Fuzzy died but his Voice still crying from the grave MERCY!

You may not believe me but Fuzzy Jones spirit came to me:
He said to tell you all: You call him from the grave... MERCY!!
But what would it profit a man to gain this whole world and lose his one soul?

He said: Remember brethen the love of money is the root of all evil
His soul cannot rest in peace till justice is done!
Please have MERCY on Fuzzy Jones family and his ONE SON and let Fuzzy Jones rest in Peace.

[Interlude: Fuzzy Jones]
Well, it is a weeping and a mourning and a gnashing of teeth in the dancehall
And who no have teeth gwan rub pon them gums cause
When time it comes to my sound, which is the champion sound
The bugle has blown fi many times, and it still have one more time left
Cause the amount of stripe weh deh pon our shoulder

Yours Truely,
Family Salmon
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Certification : Platinum (RIAA)
Released : April 3, 2012
Format : Digital download
Label : GOOD, Def Jam
Genre : Hip hop
Length : 5:32

Producer: Lifted,
Mike Dean (add.),
Mike Will (add.),
Kanye West (add.),
Hudson Mohawke (add.)

Writer(s): Kanye West, Sean Anderson, Terrence Thornton, Tauheed Epps, Stephan Taft, James Thomas, Denzie Beagle, Winston Riley, Reggie Williams

"Mercy" is performed by Kanye West who is an American hip hop recording artist, the song was written by Kanye West, Sean Anderson, Terrence Thornton, Tauheed Epps, Stephan Taft, James Thomas, Denzie Beagle, Winston Riley and Reggie Williams, and it was produced by Lifted, Mike Dean (add.), Mike Will (add.), Kanye West (add.) and Hudson Mohawke (add.). "Mercy" featured Big Sean, Pusha T and 2 Chainz. The song was from the upcoming compilation album Cruel Summer (2012) as the lead single.