Mercy Drive Lyrics

Jimmy McGlothlin - Lead Vocals & Guitar
Jake Beard - Guitar
Corey Lane - Drums
Stan Martell - Vocals & Bass

During the adolescent ages, when video games & cartoons are
king, dreams of being in a rock 'n roll band seem far from
reality...Not so for Corey Lane, who picked up his first
set of drum sticks at age 2 and Jimmy McGlothlin, who
received his first electric guitar at age 9.

Years later, the two Orlando natives would bump into each
other in the mosh pit at a Hard Rock Live show in the
summer of 2000.

With mutual friend & More...

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Reviews about Mercy Drive songs

HOT | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Burn In My Light performed by Mercy Drive

Burn in my light is so HOT just like randy orton. I've always loved orton and always will cause he is a HOT legend killer!!!!!!!!!! His RKO is so awesome i wish he did it to me!!!!!
anyway RANDY ROCKS cause hes HOT

awesome | Reviewer: dalton
    ------ About the song Burn In My Light performed by Mercy Drive

randy orton and this song are both awesome but the lyrics arn't right in the beginning it go the nebula rising from the backs of deciving lies a new star is born now he shows you the light with his hand inside. WHOOOO RKO

Randy Orton rocks | Reviewer: martel
    ------ About the song Burn In My Light performed by Mercy Drive

Randy Ortons Music Is Awsome. I Am A Randy Orton Supporter 110 Percent And Always Will Be. Mercy Drivers Song Burn in My Light Is Awsome Just Lyke Randy Orton. Randy Orton Hell Yeah.

Great Theme Pick | Reviewer: Kitty
    ------ About the song Burn In My Light performed by Mercy Drive

I totally love this song! It seems to fit Randy perfectly, considering all the stuff he's gone through to get to where he is now. Anytime I hear the song I make a mad dash for the tv cause I simply adore him. He's been my fave wrestler since 2003/2004, and I've been a loyal fan since. Playing bad boy or good boy I don't care he'll always be an inspiration to me to get through anything. Mercy Drive put together a song that I feel is always going to make everyone think of the RKO! ~Call me a rabid fangirl if you like, but I adore him.


Sequel | Reviewer: Kev
    ------ About the song Memory performed by Mercy Drive

It's a good song about a guy who doesn't want anything to do with his ex-girlfriend or even the memories of her.

The way I perceive this, is that it can be taken as a sequel to Tattoo, which the music of this song was borrowed from.

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