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Richard Smallwood Mender Lyrics

Last updated: 06/29/2012 11:00:00 AM

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The twists and turns of life sometimes get hard
and the pain seems to tear us apart
but remember God said that
He never forsake you
He's a mender of broken hearts

A loved one has departed
A friend has gone
And the void
seems more than you can bear
You don't have to worry
but God is able to handle the scars
He's a mender of broken hearts

[Lead / Chorus:]
Just know the pain
(just know the pain)
It won't last always
(Won't last always)
This too shall pass
(this too shall pass)
To a brighter day
(to brighter days)
Listen, He's putting you back together again
Oh yes He is
(He's putting you back together again)
He's a mender, yes He is
(He's a mender of broken hearts)

[Repeat (2x)]

Hold on, hold on, my brother
(He's a mender)
Hold on, hold on, my sister
(He's a mender)
I know it gets hard sometimes
(He's a mender)
But He would bring you peace of mind
(He's a mender)
I got assurance down in my soul
(He's a mender)
That the Lord has it under control
(He's a mender)
Deep in my heart I have no doubt
(He's a mender)
That the Lord is gonna bring you out
(He's a mender)
Through the midst of the storm and rain
(He's a mender)
He'll cause the sun to come out again
(He's a mender)
Even when you feel torn apart
(He's a mender)
He'll be the mender of your broken heart
Yes He is
(He's a mender of broken hearts)
Of broken hearts Oh ya ya

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