Men at Work Lyrics

FORMED: 1979, Melbourne, Australia

Formed in 1979 by Colin Hay and Ron Strykert as an acoustic
duo, with the later joinning of Jerry Speiser playing
drums, John Rees playing bass and Greg Ham playing sax,
flute and keyboard. They signed with CBS Records and
recorded their first single "Who Can It Be" produced by the
american Peter McIan, that was sent to the american radio
and reached #1. In 1981 they released their first album,
Business as Usual, bringing back their hit now named "Who
Can It Be Now?", and a new one, More...

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Review about Men at Work songs
Their Greatest Hit | Reviewer: colin taylor
    ------ About the song Down Under performed by Men at Work

Anonymous are you sure they were successfully sued for 80%? I heard 90% was asked for but the copyright owners of the kookaburra song only got 5% (and that's all they deserved. They didn't even know the riff was in the song until it came out on the T.V. show "Spicks and Specks"

Cool song, what word? | Reviewer: Somebody
    ------ About the song Down Under performed by Men at Work

I love this song, and if it wasn't for my mum, i wouldn't know it! She said there was a word right at the end of the song that sounded like; 'jam jar' :P that has been bothering me for ages what the word actually was!

26th May 1972 Where it all began. | Reviewer: Frank Roland May
    ------ About the song Down Under performed by Men at Work

Song lyrics were written by myself on the 26th of May 1972, at the Great Western Festival in Lincolnshire UK. Colin created an acoustic version quite different from the one we all know at the same time. There was four of us in the back of Colin's van sheltering from the rain when it all came together. One was Beth, the lady who cooked me breakfast, there was Rich, Colin and myself. Colin was still driving his original Kombi in 1998 when he performed the alternative guitar music with the song at the 12 Bar Club in London. The song lyrics is about Colin Hay (though he is a tad under 5ft 4") and what happened to that morning before and during the meeting with the group. As for the song best thing I ever did, and no doubt the best thing Colin ever did with regard to the music.

I can"t believe it | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Down Under performed by Men at Work

Its ridiculous that they got sued for the kookabera. That song is over 70 years old, and the writer long dead. The reason a record company can sue for the rights of songs of dead artists is beyond me. For those who don't know, the record company is getting 60% of the profit made on this song.

kookaburra | Reviewer: baileyy
    ------ About the song Down Under performed by Men at Work

I love the kookaburra bit I play flute I am going to learn to plaay it XD
the songs got a really good rythym and tune and its so catchy I love dancing to it and it was way before my time but its still a classic hit!

Can't you hear the thunder? | Reviewer: RedAce
    ------ About the song Down Under performed by Men at Work

You Ozzers really proud of this aintya?
Well you should be - its one of the greats.
You won't always have The Ashes, but at least you'll always have this awesome song.
Now I'd better run, better take cover, 'cos you're all six-foot-four and full of muscles.

Overkill | Reviewer: Kate
    ------ About the song Overkill performed by Men at Work

First heard this song back in 1981 or so when I owned the album Cargo. Lots of Colin Hay's work is about paranoia and difficulties with mental health. WHO CAN IT BE NOW and LAND DOWN UNDER are also from the perspective of someone with mental health issues. LAND DOWN UNDER has lots of drug references. It always surprised me when LAND DOWN UNDER became so mainstream and sort of became the unofficial theme for the 1988 Australian challenge to the Americas Cup. (Which we won.:)

Gut stuff | Reviewer: peter
    ------ About the song Down Under performed by Men at Work

There is something mysterious about this song. It is Australia in 1980'ies but it also transcends it. It occassionally gives me light goose bumbs. Others? THE WORST HANGOVER EVER (The Offspring), GO JOHNNY GO (Eruption), HOW BIZARRE (OMC), WHAT'S UP? (4 Non Blonds). Let's enjoy and love... Peter.

the best ever! | Reviewer: Israel Guzman Jr
    ------ About the song Down Under performed by Men at Work

ok this awesome song was a real hit in Puerto Rico in the early 80's (my time!)and I swear that I always sang it or mumble the words that sounded the same. Almost 30 years later (today) I can sing the whole song!!!!!!!! thank you!!!!!!!!!...Israel guzman jr

Underrated Classic!!!!!! | Reviewer: Mark
    ------ About the song Who Can It Be Now? performed by Men at Work

The song is very catchy, has an awesome cock-eyed video, and the band that does it is a blop in the history of music, and this song has stood the test of time, which has been almost 30 years. Amazing song!!!!!

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