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Norma Jean Band Memphis Will Be Laid To Waste Lyrics

Last updated: 06/15/2013 07:59:41 AM

Waltz around the room with a glaze in your stare.
In your tuxedo suit.
I'll give it a name.
Lower defenses.
I'll lower the casket.
Open the door and open the grave.
Now you're doing the waltz with your murderer.
Mediocrity is the killer.
You find yourself helpless.
Christ is not a fashion, fleeting away.
He laid emeralds in her eyes,
but I'd already tried a braclet made of gold
and a scarlet thread around her wrist.
And everything was wrong so we sang sentimental songs.
Oh, how seldom we belong, but how elegant our kiss. and we painted crooked lines but we danced in perfect time to a love so much refined, we know not what it is. so like the dullen wine we poor into a grief we'd known before, but never quite like this.
all i know now is regret. she follows like a silhouette of a cobblestone behind me. she has nothing left to say except to innocently ask, her voice delicate as glass. do you see me when we pass?
but i continue on my way.

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this song is just amazing | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/16/13

okay this song is my favoritesong by norma jean ever
i agree with james very much
this is a very talernted song.
i heard he was the worlds best heavy metle
i agree with that staement, even if it's not true

They suck now...... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/16/13

Norma Jean was good in their first 2 albums, but after that it turns more into just plain old rock if you ask me. Hardly any screaming and they lost all of their root elements that i loved them for.

By the way, just to educate some people, the vocalist for the whole album was Josh Scogin (and Aaron Weiss in this song). Josh is a former member of NJ and now current vocalist for The Chariot, who is a much much much better band at this point than NJ.

outstanding song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/16/13

this is by far one of the greatest songs in the history of heavy music. the lyrics, especially at the end, are superb and to anyone who claims that this genre of music is shit becuase of what the vocals, i suggest listening to this song and ignoring the vocals but apprciating the musicanship and overall song stucture. hopefully you will understand that this is a song for the ages and will always be one of my favorites

Covering this :X | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/16/13

Yah my band is playing this tonight.. and i'm playing bass and doing the devastaion vocals at the end. I love the lyrics and i was just checking in to make sure i really know them lol.

Good times good times..