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Almost everybody in Music City knows Melonie Cannon -- it's
just taking the rest of the world a little longer to catch

Raised in the wings of the Grand Ole Opry, Melonie mingled
as a young girl with the Olympians of country music. She
knew them through her father, songwriter and producer Buddy
Cannon, a giant himself in this town.

She was just fourteen when she sang on her first recording
session. And by the time she'd reached high school, studio
dates filled her calendar. Sammy Kershaw, John Michael
Montgomery, George Jones and More...

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Dying Over Love? | Reviewer: Lydia Sands
    ------ About the song Whiskey Lullabye performed by Melonie Cannon

I'm sorry, but people don't die over love. They die over alcoholism, perhaps. Or suicide. But not love. Love energizes the one left behind to live life, even when it's gone... if it was really love. Insecurity makes people jealous enough to kill others if they think they might lose the object of their affections, or insecurity may make people fearful enough of being alone to kill themselves (and there are a myriad ways to do it, not just drinking yourself to death).

As for the song, it's nice, but I think George Jones' "He Stopped Loving Her Today" is better. The story goes that there was a last verse to that song that the musicians in the studio just couldn't get through for breaking down into tears, so they eventually just left it out, thinking it would be just too sad for the public.

My favorite Romeo & Juliet, "we must die for love" song was the one Dwight Yoakum sang... I think it was "South of Cincinnati", if I'm not mistaken. Something like that, anyway. It was great.

BTW, my husband died of alcoholism 25 years ago, but even though I loved him deeply, I certainly didn't have to go down the tubes with him. Or because of him. I lived, and I've had a good life. His love spurred me on to do good things with my life, not destroy it.

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