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Laura Nyro Melody in the Sky Lyrics

Last updated: 06/14/2007 11:00:00 AM

I don’t know
if this is for a night
a season or more
I only know
I feel sweet spicy waves
at my shore
dark and light
I’ve been livin’ day to day
night to night

feel this heart beat
no, not cold
just tired of lies
evening lights
a melody in the sky

I’m your friend
and tonight your melody
and you own yourself
I belong to me
that I’ve been livin’ day to day
night to night

I feel your heart beat
and your kiss can satisfy
evening lights
melodies in the sky
through the trees they fly
spring clouds in the park
rainfall in the dark
fireflies in our hands
touching spark to spark
oh, lovers shine
Lovers forgetting time
and truly
you’ve got your life
your love
your life
your love
I’ve got mine

And I like you
I’m not waiting
for Miss or Mr. Right
So light our fire
though my heart’s on a wire
living day to day
night to night
night to night
night to night

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