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On Melissa Etheridge's brilliant new album entitled, SKIN,
the word skin is used on four different songs -- "The
Prison," "Walking On Water," "Please Forgive Me," and "It's
Only Me."

"I didn't realize my numerous references to skin until I
had recorded all the songs and started listening to them,"
confesses the two-time Grammy Award-winning artist. "This
album is about shedding old skin. It's about new skin. It's
about living."

It has been suggested that artists often create their
greatest work at a low emotional ebb. Think Van More...

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Review about Melissa Etheridge songs
So Thankful for my Surgeons! | Reviewer: Carol
    ------ About the song I Run For Life performed by Melissa Etheridge

I just want to say to all surgeons, and especially to my surgeon and plastic surgeon - Thank you for cutting into my skin and thank you for cutting into my body and thank you for all your encouragement so that my soul can go on! If it weren't for my surgeons and for the Grace of God, I may not be here today. I don't think she meant it in a negative way. As a cancer survivor, who just walked in the Race for the Cure this morning in my city, I can say that I have awesome surgeons who dedicate their lives to helping women with breast cancer. I'm sure Melissa feels the same way. Thank you to my surgeons and also to Melissa for this touching but strong song.

Melissa ... You rock! | Reviewer: Patricia
    ------ About the song I Run For Life performed by Melissa Etheridge

Dear doctor ... It's not about you. I hope the dear doctor has realized that over the years.

It's about the helplessness and hopefulness ... I cried like a baby when I heard Melissa sing this song a couple of days ago at Ravinia ... The song touched me to the core ... Tears of the sadness that i have felt ever since the diagnosis, things that i just haven't expressed ... Fear comes and goes but thankfully so does great joy and hope.

Thanks Melissa!

Tears | Reviewer: Laura Hunnemeder-Bergfelt
    ------ About the song I Run For Life performed by Melissa Etheridge

I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Although I did what I need to do to take care of myself, such as radiation, etc, I sometimes find myself going through the motions of my life with fear, that one day, the darkness will once again emerge. Today, I woke up and walked into the bathroom to brush my teeth with an organic brand of toothpaste. Last year, I made some changes that I thought would help, such as changing toothpaste brands, from Crest to an organic paste. Today, I wanted to use Crest. I sometimes get tired...of living my life in fear of that darkness may come back if I stop fighting, even if its just for a moment, to live. I try to be the example, to be positive, to encourage others to survive, to show others how striving for excellence can make the difference. I just recently heard "I run for Life" on the radio. I think Melissa has a real understanding of what it is like to have fear around cancer...and how running for life can change the world, even if it is just one person at a time. Thank you Melissa.

I just finished radiation on my left breast | Reviewer: Carol
    ------ About the song I Run For Life performed by Melissa Etheridge

This song means a lot to me I will sing it at a cancer suriver party this June. I was
Told my cancer was small stage one and did not spread but needed 33 treatments of radiation it's been tough but I got finished. Yes I am blessed and lucky but it is still the word I feared all my life cancer. Nobody understands till they get that telephone call from your doctor and you are never the same you worry your scared even tho you are told to be positive . I love music and love to sing thats What got me through it and the support and the love of my husband who went to work an hour eariler each day and drive an hour each way so I would not be alone and took me everyday that's love. The support of my two wonderful children a son and daughter and some close friends.Music makes me happy so when you feel scared or down just sing a song and you will be just fine and if you can"t sing anyway its good therphy.

Loosing Someone You Love Most | Reviewer: Aiyana
    ------ About the song I Run For Life performed by Melissa Etheridge

Loosing someone you love most is very heartbroken I know that because it happened to me 6 months ago and it still feel like it happend just yesterday and BLESS THE FAMILIES THAT LOST THEIR FAMILY I KNOW IT FEELS LIKE IT HAS A BIG HOLE IN YOUR HEART AND I FEEL FOR Y'ALL PEOPLE AND FAMILIES THAT LOST SOMEONE THAT WAS SO CLOSE TO THEM BUT WE ALWAYS ASK WHY TO THE LORD AND WE ARE. EING SELFISH AND DON'T KNOW IT I KNOW HOW WE ARE BEING SELFISH WE ARE BEING SELFISH BYus crying and asking for them to come back my aunt passed 1 week and 1 day after birthday she had a dream her and her sister had the same dream they just didn't know who was dying they just talk to each other for the last time in their dreams R.I.P Aunt Tootie

So much with me | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song This Is Not Goodbye performed by Melissa Etheridge

In the past 6 months my father in law died of cancer, my father was diagnosed with bone cancer and has very limited time left, and my only two sons went off to college. I am so proud of my sons, but I miss them more than life itself. All of the men in my life are leaving me and I feel alone, so very alone. Melissa's song is so meaningful to me and helps me feel and release the pain I feel. Thank you Melissa.

This really isn't goodbye. | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song This Is Not Goodbye performed by Melissa Etheridge

This song is beautiful and so meaningful to me personally. Our son Alan died of cancer on July 26th,2012. His strength and courage was amazing. I know he's in a much better place and has no more pain and is not suffering anymore. I feel that he has heard this beautiful song and I know it's not goodbye and that we will see him again. He filled our lives with joy, laughter and all who knew him loved him. We miss him everyday and when I look up into the star filled sky, the brightest star in the heavens is my beautiful boy.

I am fighting now | Reviewer: Jo
    ------ About the song This Is Not Goodbye performed by Melissa Etheridge

This is beautiful and powerful song. Being Melissa fan since years I was finding constantly very strong lyrics helping me in many situation in my life. She always inspired me and now... Last month I was diagnosis with cancer and there is Melissa again somebody who gave me strenght to face this. She is just amazing

goodbye dear herm | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song This Is Not Goodbye performed by Melissa Etheridge

my best friend of 10 yrs left today back to his country,i truely adore him n the moments we have always shared together,i am in tears but i know i have to stay strong for him,the most painful part is we dont know when we will see each other again,i already miss you,stay blessed and God bless,al always be hear for you when you need me.........byeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

The surgeon doesn't get it | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song I Run For Life performed by Melissa Etheridge

To the surgeon who thought Melissa missed the point with the line, "And they cut into my skin and they cut into my body, but they will never get a piece of my soul," you take her too literally and completely missed her point. What no one but a cancer patient understands is that from the moment you’re diagnosed, and even before that, you are poked and prodded by Dr’s, nurses and technicians; stuck repeatedly with needles and IV’s; cut open by surgeons (sometimes repeatedly); poisoned with chemo; burned with radiation; and suffer the side effects of those treatments for days, months and sometimes years afterward. And each time you sit down in that chemo chair or lay down on that radiation table, you feel like a lamb being led to the slaughter. Every time you look at yourself in the mirror and see a total stranger, you wonder how this could have happened to you. But you do it because you know that these Dr’s and nurses aren’t doing it to torture you (though it often feels like it); but to save your life. And you do it because you have family, friends and loved ones who want and need you in their lives. You do it because you want to live. But still, it tears you apart. It repeatedly beats you to the ground physically and mentally and there are days when you think you can’t get up. But you do because although they can make you sick and cause you pain, they can’t take your soul. Your spirit. Your inner strength. And that’s what she means by the lyric.

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