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'It's me on a plate, pretty much'. This is how Melanie
Chisholm describes the content of 'Reason', her second solo
project, and follow-up to 1999's much loved and
multi-platinum debut, 'Northern Star'. And what a gourmet
feast she represents. With her vocals displaying a new
warmth and maturity, and her songwriting yet more boldly
assured and energetic than before, she is set to turn any
remaining preconceptions about her upside down. This is not
the work of a manufactured pop puppet, but that of a richly
gifted and imaginative More...

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Submit Melanie C New Lyrics

Reviews about Melanie C songs

Love it | Reviewer: Rich
    ------ About the song We Love To Entertain You performed by Melanie C

Another song by Melanie that I can't get enough of. Just a fun song and I love her voice. I could see her opening a concert with this song.

Romie | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song First Day Of My Life performed by Melanie C

It's an amazing song with a deep thought about what the life really means.

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