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Gavin Friday & The Man Seezer Melancholy Baby Lyrics

Last updated: 08/27/2001 01:05:15 AM

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Come a change of weather, comes a chang of heart
Who will know when the rains will start?
My baby broke her promise, should I be upset?
Daylight says remember...moonlight forget.

Beauty disguises what it's holding back
Some days when her eyes shine, her thoughts are black
Like a little child she can do no wrong
and I'll pick her up each time she falls down

"Meanwhile Baby!... Oh! Sweet Baby!"

Night's scent is her presence, night's secret her face.
I speak when she's sleeping, silent when she wakes.
Clouds gather and darken, our future foretell
Rains comin' often and loves a brief spell
Like the saddest word, she awaits her song
and I'll pick her up each time she falls down

"Meanwhile Baby!... Oh! Sweet Baby!
We've got a lot to learn about love in this life...
My Melancholy Baby"

In the palm of my hand, I'll hold a little you
I'll put you in my pocket when you're feelin' blue
Zing zing a zang go the strings of my heart
Cling cling a clang I'll never let you part
Oh! Sweet Baby!

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