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Bayside Megan Lyrics

Last updated: 02/19/2012 10:00:00 AM

(feat. Josh Caterer
originally by Smoking Popes)

[Anthony Raneri of Bayside]
Butter on a summer day
When she's around
I was on the tracks
When the gates came down
When suddenly I recognized
Those bloodshot rearview mirror eyes as mine

And I heard that whistle call my name
And I almost drove away
But Megan I had a feeling that you would be on that train
So I just waited there for you

[Josh Caterer of Smoking Popes]
Caught a ride to another town
Where the air was clean
And the sun never goes down
Everyone was standing in a line
Between the landing and the stairs

I heard somebody call my name
I almost climbed the stairs
But Megan I had a feeling that someday you'd meet me there
So I just waited there for you

Butter on a summer day
When I hear your name
It's a dream that never came true
So I sat down on the tracks
And waited for a train to take me back to you

And somebody came and took my hand
And I finally had to go
But Megan I just want you to know
That I waited as long as I could

I'm butter on a summer day when she's around

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What I Heard | Reviewer: James | 2/16/12

The story that I heard behind this song was that one of the members of the Smoking Popes was engaged, but his fiancee passed away, and the song is about how he wants to commit suicide by laying on the train tracks to "come back to her." But he ends up not being able to do it.

Cmon son | Reviewer: AO | 4/6/11

"See the thing about Anthony Raneri is he is pretty straightforward with his lyrics"- Alex

See the real thing is Anthony Raneri didn't write this song. this is a cover originally done by The Smoking Popes, who the lead singer sings the second verse in the bayside version.

I agree with anonymous | Reviewer: Alex | 6/22/10

Sean i think you are looking too far into it. See the thing about Anthony Raneri is he is pretty straightforward with his lyrics. im sure he appreciates songs like that too. since this is a remake and all.

hello? megan died | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/19/09

The song is about a guy who's girlfriend Megan just died. He's suicidal because of it, so he goes and parks his car on some railroad tracks. Then he gets hit by a train and wakes up in heaven but it's not his time, so he doesn't go up the stairs. He wakes up on Earth again and sits on the tracks waiting for another train to hit him, but someone finds him there and takes him away from there.

listen | Reviewer: sean | 12/4/09

the song is quit clear in its meaning

a guy loves a girl with all his heart the girls name is Megan as he looks into the mirror at him self he realizes that it will never be.

the train reference is referring to life and the direction his and hers are going in and he believes that some day they will be together on that same path.

but after thinking that she would meet him on that train ride of life the seem to miss each other he has gone to a better place with someone else though this person means nothing to him and though he has moved on when he hears her name his heart still melts like butter on a summers day

Not bashin anyone else's point of view, since everyone has their own opinion and is entitled to it. | Reviewer: Matt | 11/24/09

I feel this song is about and guy giving his heart to a girl, but she doesn't want him, or want him back. He waits around for her to come to him ("But Megan I had a feeling that you would be on that train----So I just waited there for you"), meaning the train was a figure of speech. His dream that someday she would be his ("Caught a ride to another town....So I just waited there for you") kept him around too long. Finally, he realized it was just that, a dream, not reality and that it wasn't working out ("Butter on a summer day...That I waited as long as I could") so he finally decided to move on. Something in that set of lyrics tells me maybe someone helped him move on, like maybe a friend. Then again maybe the lyrics seem this way to me since I put myself in his position a few months ago, putting my heart out to someone who no longer cared.

for all those megans | Reviewer: jolly ol' chap | 11/8/09

yeah don't be happy because i guy tells you this song is perfect for you b/c this is what he thinks of you.
The guy is leaving megan for the lyrics

my opinion. is that he knows that he should be with megan, but is looking for more. how he see's megan at the stairs and doesnt go after her. and at the end where he says someone came and took his hand, saying he finally found someone worth it at that time.

um... | Reviewer: Emily | 10/22/09

I agree with others. Take the song how you see it. Everyone is going to see it somewhat different depending on different situations they are in or their mind set. People should not got all defensive on their opinions about a song, just put your opinion in and read others. This is mine. The only people who really know the definition of this song are the writers, and a lot of writers leave songs open to opinions, so we will never know unless the writer says. So..yep.

music lover | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/19/09

well normally i would not get the references in a song but heaven was pretty clear. i'm just confused whether megan is alive and he wanted to get hit by the train cuz she doesn't want him or whether megan is dead and he wants the train to hit him so he can be w/her in heaven.

dude | Reviewer: barret | 8/9/09

This song is kinda about suicide. putting his back to a train. and a town with cleaner air and stuff is aka heaven. she brroke his heart and now he wants to die. that dave guys kinda wrong. like he waited but now hes tryin to die but other people won't let the train hit him. and i wouldn't be proud of my name being the title of this song.

beautiful song | Reviewer: Meghan | 6/18/09

So i was complaining to my friend that there are a bunch of songs with her name in it that i knew of, but none with mine. This led me to type it in on google (god love google) and What do you know? there's a song with my name in it! Too bad it has to be a sad song, but now i have a song! not that anybody really cares, but hey it makes me feel special :)

surprisingly sad | Reviewer: megan | 3/28/09

wow i heard the song and thought maybe it was about love, then read the reviews.. but it kinda reminds me of romeo and juliet, only with a better name.

p.s that dave guy is a complete douch, fuckin computer nerds think theyre hott shitt

Dont hate | Reviewer: Mike | 10/15/08

hey, Dave, a song is about whatever you think its about. stop flaming like an asshole and appreciate the song instead of getting pissed because someone doesnt agree with you or has a different story that it reminds them of.

u dumbasses | Reviewer: chuka | 9/3/08

this song is about a girl named megan that died....
it was josh caterers gf and she got hit by a train, and he never got over her.. so one day he drove up to the same traintrack and got hit by a train too but he didnt die,he was in a coma and what he means by waiting is how long he stayed in his coma but he still didnt see her

Wow, all you girls named Megan are stupid. | Reviewer: Dave | 8/15/08

Do you not even understand the meaning of this song? It's bashing a girl named Megan. So all you girls, Ohhh Emmm Geeee, it's named Megan, awesome song.. You're stupid. Pretty much, the meaning of this song is, a girl named Megan, obviously someone close to them, was never there. Though they waited, and waited, and were patient as hell, never left her. But finally, they were through with all her bullshit and waiting for her. So they left her. So every girl who is excited cause this song has the same name as them, you are going to get left by your significant other. BAM. Have fun. You better realize what you have in front of you.