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Megan and Liz are fraternal twin sisters with amazing
talent! Starting out on Youtube, they have now captured
fans all over the world with 120,000 + subscribers all over
the world. They are from Michigan and are influenced by
various artists such as Aly and Aj, Taylor Swift, Savannah
Outen, and Miley Cyrus. Currently 17, they are still
unsigned but are hoping to make improvement on that this
coming year. Megan has been playing the guitar for three
years, and Liz focuses on the lyrics but both of their
vocals are outstanding. Making improvement on their
continued success, Megan and More...

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Submit Megan & Liz New Lyrics

Review about Megan & Liz songs
true song | Reviewer: katlyn harmor
    ------ About the song Bad For Me performed by Megan & Liz

I love this song because it is the truth. a lot of girls try and act like their the cool ones and the ones who are better, but in reality. the guys are. this is how relationships are. guys don't care, and girls care too much. they are right about everything they said. guys have all the power in the relationship. they are always the cool ones. girls are not. and its just the plain truth. no matter how many girls try and act like they are.

Good | Reviewer: Megan and Liz megafan
    ------ About the song Boys Like You performed by Megan & Liz

You messed up the lyrics a little-
-it's your one in infinity not you wanted infinity
-also I'm not sure if its a mistake but I write it do-do-do-do-do instead of du du doo doo doo

-just saying

Luv This Song- My New Anthem | Reviewer: Shae Lynn
    ------ About the song Bad For Me performed by Megan & Liz

This song is so true.Every time i see a guy i like, i want to screem out loud. Anyone whose ever felt this way should definitly listen to this song.Meg and Liz, u are my heros!!!! Best song ever.5 Stars.Definitely.

Awesome song | Reviewer: Julz gulz
    ------ About the song Bad For Me performed by Megan & Liz

This is Awsome because many girls feel this way one point in their lives and its a good feeling but not at the same time! Decisions decisions... anyways if you like this song check out bad by cab something simuliar .

Story of my life | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Bad For Me performed by Megan & Liz

Word for word this song accurately describes my situation. It is a good feeling listening to this song and realizing that i'm not the only one who goes through this. I love it.
Ps- hope you're listening taylan because this song goes out to you

review | Reviewer: ∞Amber∞
    ------ About the song Bad For Me performed by Megan & Liz

okaii omg,i like love this song. its my new favorite song. the videos pretty cool. i first heard this song on the macy's commercial but then the radio station started playing. so im like i need to know the lyrics to this song. aha, enough with my boring story, i give this song 5 STARS

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