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Paradise comes at a price
That I am not prepared to pay
What were we built for?
Could someone tell me please

The good news is, she can't have babies
And won't accept gifts from me
What are they for?
They'll just grow up, and break the laws you've loved

Take off your disguise
I know that underneath it's me

Useless device, it won't suffice
I want a new game to play
When I am gone
It won't be long, before I disturb you in the dark

Paradise comes at a price
That I am not prepared to pay
What were we built for?
Will someone tell me please

Take off your disguise
I know that underneath it's me

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A different take on the lyrics | Reviewer: singforabsolution | 5/20/12

I'm probably way off the mark here but it could be about a religious man who's stuck in a relationship/marriage and is struggling to accept that he's gay. The good news is "she can't have babies and won't accept gifts from me." He can't see what his purpose is, he sees being gay as unnatural and he is just a "useless device." He's not fulfilling the purpose he thinks God has set out for him.

He's considering leaving the relationship or killing himself. "When I am gone, it won't be long." He doesn't think that accepting himself as gay and being happy is worth the pain. "Paradise comes at a price that I am not prepared to pay."

The chorus refers to how he's set up a disguise for himself as a heterosexual, married man.

Lyric info!:) | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/30/11

This is all the information about the church lyric thing:

Bellamy has described the recording of this anti-church song, using the organ at St. Mary's Church, Bathwick, as a "dark moment" in his life. The vicar of the church insisted on seeing the lyrics to the song before allowing them to use the organ, although none had yet been written for the song. Bellamy proceeded to write out some "positive", "nice" lyrics for him and he allowed them to record the song.[2] When requesting permission to play one of the biggest church organs in Europe in order to finish recording the song, the priest at the church asked to see the lyrics to the song to ensure the band weren't devil worshippers.
Matt wrote the song on holiday in the Maldives, whilst learning to dive, and it was inspired by his pessimism towards the relationship he was in at them time.[2]
The earliest known performance used a grand piano rather than an organ or keyboard with organ effect. A video can be found of this performance on the DC Muse Hub.
Not to be confused with the later song of the same name as the WIP name, Thoughts of a Dying Atheist on Absolution.
After nearly a 6 year break after having last been played on 5th May 2002, Megalomania was played at London's Royal Albert Hall on 12th April 2008, seven years to the day it was first played. The song was played on the Royal Albert Hall's pipe organ, the first time it had been played on a pipe organ in concert. Matthew Bellamy introduced the song by saying something like "since we're at the Royal Albert Hall, it would be rude not to play this beast" (referring to the organ). Morgan Nicholls played an ukelele during the song. This performance was offered to the band's fans as a present for 2011's Christmas on their website.

I also think that the baby part is "why would "the creator" give bad people the ability to have a baby and the ones that actually would be a good parent not?"

Its Muses MO | Reviewer: pwnftw | 9/21/11

Muse (Matt Belamy) is obsessed with 1984-esque distopian futures, and this song is another political narrative.. its not about God, its about a world in disarray, with sarcastic eugenic ideas.. It is factual that people do, either openly, or by marketing it as "liberalism" advocate for population reduction via whats been dubbed "soft kill" or sterilization. Bill Gates said (paraphrased) "if were are successful with our vaccine policies, we can reduce the worlds population."

lyrical theme | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/13/11

the part obout babies might be about the idea that if god exists - why would he give a bad mother the ability to have children and make these people who would make great parents unable to give birth

MUSE RULZZ or die!!! | Reviewer: Swedish-Muse-lover<3333333333333333 | 6/5/11

Love Muse-love this song<33
stop connecting the lyrics with strange meanings and dont try to brainwash people to think some thing else about it then that it is a great song like all other Muse's songs!!
You dont have to dig so deeply down in all lyrics it just makes u nuuts xD

Lets rock,lets play Muse on
highest volyum and make the neighbours crazy!!!

Scary song | Reviewer: John | 5/22/11

I can't be the only one who finds the lyrics to this song's chorus quite scary. "Take off your disguise/ I know that underneath it's me" is such a disconcerting pair of lines.

The pipe organ doesn't help matters.

ummm.... | Reviewer: anonymous | 2/26/11

......if the song criticizes religion, then what relevance do babies have to this song?
I guess that this song has a different meaning for every person.....but if anyone wants to know the actual meaning of the song- just ask Matt Bellamy then.....

I agree with nomnomnomnom | Reviewer: Amelia | 6/14/10

I was watching a Muse DVD the other day, that did actually happen.

Matt had this cool melody but he neede a real organ, not keyboards for it. So when they asked the particular church to use it, they said sure, but let us look at the lyrics first to make sure they're fine. So Matt made up some random lyrics about happy stuff and the church an they were allowed to use the organ.

And I guess it went from there...

meaning for me | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/27/10

As how Paul said children are growing with it in our "relogious" world. children grow up and question their nosense. They won't defence this anymore. Having not a child like this is a goog thing for church.

he says " Take off your disguise
I know that underneath it's me " I thin this goes to god. He figured out god is something we've created so god is us. And he can only see himself under this mask.. Perfect lyrics as Matt Bellamy always writes..

what it means | Reviewer: Paul | 3/10/10

The "useless device" is religion. He won't go anywhere when he dies, he'll just be a ghost.

The children can't be had b/c megalomania is a self-obession. The church can't proceed and grow with such a self focus... Even if it could, they wouldn't love the laws of the "father".

Megalomania | Reviewer: petar | 6/19/09

Megalomania (from the Greek word μεγαλομανία; megalo-, meaning large, and mania) is a historical term for behavior characterized by an obsession or preoccupation with wealth, power, genius, or omnipotence—often generally termed as delusions of grandeur or grandiose delusions. Megalomania denotes an obsession with having and/or obtaining, grandiosity and extravagance (especially in the form of great fame and popularity, material wealth, social influence or political power, or more than one or even all of the aforesaid). It may be a symptom of manic or paranoid disorders.[citation needed] However it is not considered a distinct mental disorder of itself according to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders.

this is from wikipedia:)
so you can understand what does the poet want to say. :)

hmm... | Reviewer: lauren | 4/17/09

i liked this song better when i thought it was something perverted. i dont know how this would apply to church. i mean, i get the paradise comes at a price part, but whos having babies here? and the church certainly accepts gifts. so im just not seeing the metaphor here.

Funny story about this song... | Reviewer: NOMNOMNOMNOM | 1/12/09

My friend was telling me about this:

Apparently, this song is about the Catholic church and Matt criticizing it.

When he went to record the organ parts, he went to a church. He wrote fake lyrics so the priest there would let him.

Some of the lyrics seem weird but some stick to the 'church' theme. Don't troll me, i heard this from a friend.

*__* | Reviewer: gothic doll ( jawhara ) | 8/8/07

my friend youness " the orion" talks to me about this song ! and i really like it !!
it's a fuckin moral
it's our day by day dillema !!

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