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Megadeth has remained a vital element in continuing to
define and redefine the sound and the fury of metal music.
When Dave Mustaine met up with David Ellefson in 1983,
several months after Mustaine departed from Metallica, the
musical beast they conceiv ed was Megadeth.

As co-founders of the band, Mustaine and Ellefson have
devised a musical creature that, with each new album,
forges new ground and stretches the very boundaries where
metal lives. As the creative genius behind the music,
Mustaine More...

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Review about Megadeth songs
Truly a 'Hidden Treasure' | Reviewer: Joseph Masefield
    ------ About the song Diadems performed by Megadeth

This song should have received more press and should have been on a studio release.
The song is about the coming of the antichrist in Revelations: "Revelation 13:13-The beast has 7 heads and 10 horns, on his horns were 10 diadems, and on his heads were blasphemous names."

Love lyric disguised | Reviewer: Winter
    ------ About the song The Scorpion performed by Megadeth

This is a lyric where he was pissed with what you have to do to get love and than love runs away. "I say what you wanna her, but not mean anything, and treat you like a dog".
Its what man sucessfull with woman do.
Its what the bitches want.
This is why ill die alone.

Classic! | Reviewer: Tom
    ------ About the song Black Friday performed by Megadeth

My first Megadeth album too, also on cassette. A birthday gift from my grandma when I was 15! For years my friend Rikk and myself dressed in all black on Fridays because of this song.

the good die young | Reviewer: Dian Ratna Sari
    ------ About the song A Tout Le Monde performed by Megadeth

I listen and dedicated this song to my college senior "alm.moch.nur sholikin" who dead caused by heart attack. i feel sick for your gone.. And after all, i want you to know that i have a feeling for you since the First Time. I love you :') *may God love's be with you

This song goes straight in the face of Metallica ! | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Something I'm Not performed by Megadeth

If you know anything about metallica or megadeth past then you perfectly recognize this song is dedicated for lars and james ... Metallica wanted becoming popular and they are now a sold out burned out band ... they are playing the same song on almost evry concerts in the past 20 year what is not megadeths way metallica want to full fill just the masses dream and earn money they forget about what is music ! You didn't ever make Metal, buddy; Metal made you this is Master of puppets or even any of their album is very unique ( i fuckin love metallica ) but when i listen old classic bands than i recognize who was fuckin legend who made metal ( black sabbath , king diamond , mercyful fate ) they are so much better musicans and they have opened new ways for metal and not metallica !!! they just copied and perfected it ... nothing unique or special ! sorry but if you dont belive me just listen King diamond/mercyful fate what themes did they write before metallica did anything And justice for all ?! oh leave it listen king/mercy in early days they did it before metallica did anything or obituary they did so much more brutal music already in the 80' 1 song from them : Obituary - Insane they are crazy or Pantera DimEbag Darell he did something new and unique ... and metallica still making the biggest mistake in their life not playing for themself to enjoy it they play over and over again the same songs ... ( enter sandman , sad but true, welcome home, nothing else matters, seek and destroy, battery , creeping death, for whom the bell tools,master of puppets, one on evry fuckin single setlist cause they afraid they will loose some fans and the irony they are lossing them and very fast !!! dont belive check their past 20 years concert !!! there was no concert without this songs ...

Maybe Weird That Way | Reviewer: Wilson
    ------ About the song 2552 performed by Megadeth

It's all like what in the world in god's mind what in the world is going on with Megadeth and Dave Mustaine but that is so weird that in 2552
Nov 1 2552 A.D. man Dave I am just saying that is so weird but COOOOOL.

Winning the game of life | Reviewer: Scott mitchel
    ------ About the song A Tout Le Monde performed by Megadeth

To me this song is totally positive when I realized life was a game I decided to play harder stronger the good bye to me is one of a old life re birthed into a more focused and stronger fight for success and we all know success is the fruit of failure megadeath is a great band that will always be in my life I am 42 and I use this band like a motivational course in life enjoy. Scott

megadeth is better than metallica.*************metallica fans | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Holy Wars... The Punishment Due performed by Megadeth

first let me tell you dave was metallica's lead guitarist when it was formed.then metallica fired dave because of indiscipline and heavy drinking.Then dave formed megadeth in 1983(three years after metallica).Most people just listen metallica and say that it is better.they have not listened to any other metallica worshipers please listen megadeth,iron maiden,judas priest,led zeppelin and others before you criticize them

Awesome | Reviewer: Jay18
    ------ About the song Skin O' My Teeth performed by Megadeth

NO! this song is not about killing yourself its actually, just kinda about all the bad an wrecked things there are in life, and about how he is still hangin' on, and in the last verse it pretty much states that bad shit happens and that will be ok in the end, and if your closed mind would see that, you wouldnt be a douche about this song... I know this shit is far to old, and the guy that said "this song is about killing yourself", probably wont ever get my message.

Dedicated to a fellow classmate | Reviewer: T.J. Worthington
    ------ About the song A Tout Le Monde performed by Megadeth

This, along with the remastered version, is a song. My fellow classmate from my high school died in a car accident 6 months ago, and the original version of À Tout Le Monde is the perfect song to dedicate his memory to. When I start a heavy metal band, Me, and my bandmates should perform this song at a concert.

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