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I Am No Masterpiece

My body is broken and I just want to listen to silence on
this last contemplative drive home from another tour. No
music from the stereo. No conversation. Just lovely
silence. Silence to think about the past two months on tour
and perhaps a little farther. In April I celebrated my
twenty-first birthday in a promoter's basement in Nebraska,
grooving to tunes on a checkered dance floor and ending the
festivities by smashing my leftover chocolate cake into my
little sister's apprehensive face. Dia will be 19 in More...

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Review about Meg & Dia songs
reviewer:LC | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Bored Of Your Love performed by Meg & Dia

Well i guees this song is written for me.My girlfren really love me, bt she is bored of my attitude, i'm still tryin to make it better but i think she has already made up her mind. I know she still love me but dont want to continue with me. So i dedicate this song for her.

what do i do? | Reviewer: jaki
    ------ About the song Bored Of Your Love performed by Meg & Dia

i can really relate to this song. we had our relationship for almost two years now. he loves me too much that i couldn't get mad at him. i'm like the only girl in the world. which is, totally boring! before, i become poetic because of the great feelings i feel for love. but now, i'm empty. everything has become boring. i wouldn't want to end our relationship. it's hard to find someone like him. but DAMN! i'm frickin bored!

PERFECTION. | Reviewer: sarah
    ------ About the song Bored Of Your Love performed by Meg & Dia

this song is amazing. and it works so well with my situation. i'm with a guy named cj, and he loves me so much, but i'm bored of his love. he spoils me and everything, im like a princess. and im so lucky to have him, but i'm bored. i dont want to end it, i like him and i know how rare it is to find another guy like him. i just dont know.

I love this song. | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Monster performed by Meg & Dia

It hit's home. It really does. I sing it all the time, and the last time my husband hit me (I was pregnant at the time.) I walked out on him, and one of my friends took me in, I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl 4 months later, and I just hope she doesn't go through what I did. Thanks M&D for making this song! I love it.

..... | Reviewer: valerie sliger
    ------ About the song Monster performed by Meg & Dia

i really do love the song i've hered it many times but you made one mistake when it says "i am hannaha's... she really sings regret you put regrets just saying but besides that it was a good job!!! :)

Dncehalldrug | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Bored Of Your Love performed by Meg & Dia

Obviously this song is about relationship that's not going to last. Even though the guy still believes that there's still hope to make it work, the girl in the other hand knows its over.

"Can I take you out just this one last time,
We could pretend I never met you

Well I'd love to, sounds like a lovely time,
But I'm sorry, I just can't let you"

^^^ this is the saddest part of the song. You can clearly see he's making a last attempt to make the relationship work out.

amazing | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Kiss You Goodnight performed by Meg & Dia

Meg and Dia are the best band ever and this song is just beautiful.The whole cd here here and here is outstanding. The lyrics are pretty meaningful and I hope everyone see this. Go Meg and Dia I love you guys!! btw thanks for signing my guitar!!!!

Roses | Reviewer: Stormy Sliger
    ------ About the song Roses performed by Meg & Dia

I absolutly love this song! I love how the words just get stuck in your head so you have to go listen to the song again.

<3 | Reviewer: Kelli
    ------ About the song Indiana performed by Meg & Dia

This song is really great. I don't like most of their songs, because I don't think they used their voices right. Maybe If they Changed the notes, it would be better.

Anyways, this song is fantastic. I love it and I hope you do too.

battered | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Monster performed by Meg & Dia

i was a victim of domestic violence and this unfortunatly hits home way to much and as a woman that is now a survivor and victor i am strong and it helps to listen to music such as this song

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