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Medulla Nocte Biography

Last updated: 08/01/2003 04:34:43 AM

Medulla Nocte are...
Jammer - Drums
Neil - Guitar
Paul - Vocals
Mark - Bass

Simply the heaviest band to blast out of rural England, Ross-on-Wye to be precise. Formed little over 5 years ago the band are true to their hard graft ethics as ever, despite holding down day jobs, in a part of the country devoid of gigging activity, they often arrive back home in time for work the next day.

In the early days the band produced well-recieved quality demo's, earning them respect and regular gigs on an underground level. Following a tour with NEUK, from which they were thrown off for 'blowing away the main act', the band found themselves at the Red Eye venue in London, and it was here that Household Name discovered the band, where they found themselves confronted with a sound akin to Discharge kicking into Conflict, and the ideas were laid that night for what became the "All Our Friends Are Dead" 7" single, still a huge live favourite. The single also became Single Of The Week in the prestigious Kerrang! magazine.

Touring began with King Prawn, Extreme Noise Terror and the Metal Hammer sponsored Pulkas tour.

Then album number one, recorded at Lionheart Studios with Steve Grimmet (Onslaught) helping proceedings. The album "A Conversation Alone" was released to great response from all magazines and zines, almost unified in their opinion that the greatest slab of hardcore- metal had been unleashed on the great listening public. Excellent reviews and coverage was assured from the mainstream press as well as the 'zine world.