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Tanita Tikaram Me, You & Lucifer Lyrics

Last updated: 11/03/2000 02:18:51 AM

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[From] your skin forest
And whatever you talk about
There are always other people to drown you out
[???] I come charging

No change,no change at all
There is a finger tip
And the shadows on the wall
And the best of your rest of your friends
[???] anybody care to disappear

Me, you & Lucifer
Me, you & Lucifer

I keep a little book
But I have little to write
And little time to think aloud and discuss with you
But I hope my views are good

And I hope my life stays bright like this
'Cause all the time I've been thinkin'
Me, you & Lucifer
All the time I've been thinkin' of you
Me, you & Lucifer

Oh, a vision
The depths of my very heart
Oh! You're cheating me
You're tearing me apart
And that's a fact
You're tearing me apart
Yeah, that's a fact

All above my mind
I am light conversation
To tell you and make them see
And ain't nothing I gonna get from you
There are ain't nothing you can get from
Ain't nothing you can get from

Me, you & Lucifer
Me, you & Lucifer
You, me & Lucifer
Me, you & Lucifer

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