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Originally conceived (c.1999) as the first victim-friendly
surface-to-air missile by the US military, mclusky are a
band of three, like back when three meant three and wasn't
some crazy potsdamic in-universal code for 4. mcluskys idea
of a keyboard player is the man(?) who invented computer
battleships. All Dj`s must be French.

Mat 'mat' Harding was raised entirely on a diet of
wolfenstein 3D, and learned to drum in between bouts of
hiding in cupboards and never answering the door. In his
spare time he enjoys shaving (his face) up More...

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Juxtaposition | Reviewer: John in Alabama
    ------ About the song Joy performed by McLusky

Yeah, the fact that Falco screams "Joy" is pleasantly ironic. I have to be a pansy and say that "She will only bring you happiness" and "Alan is a cowboy killer" are my favorite, and with that said, you can assume that "Joy" doesnt rank any higher on my list. But as far as their punk stuff goes, I like it.

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