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2005 was quite a remarkable year for McFly. They scored
their second number one album, Wonderland (debut album Room
On The Third Floor entered the UK album chart at No1,
earning the band an award from the Guinness Book of Records
for being the youngest band ever to chart at No1 with their
debut album (an award previously held by The Beatles). They
had two more number one singles (All About You, I'll Be
OK), which brought the total number of chart-topping
singles released by the band to five (while guitarist and
vocalist Tom Fletcher More...

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Review about McFly songs
woah people... | Reviewer: Lee
    ------ About the song Mr Brightside performed by McFly

Why are people even arguing about this? This is a lyrics page. Seriously do people have nothing better to do than complain about a cover of a song? McFly and The Killers are both awesome...blah, blah, blah...end of story! Now can we get back to our lives now people...although judging by some of the comments some of you don't really have lives do you? DO YOU NEED TO RUN YOUR EGO UNDER THE COLD TAP FOR 10 MINUTES? CAUSE YOU JUST GOT BURNED! I'm only but seriously, do want some ice or something?

LOVE THIS SONG! | Reviewer: Johanna
    ------ About the song Mr Brightside performed by McFly

I love McFly and The Killers. They are both different, completely awesome bands! I think that this was a good cover of the song and they added a McFly touch to it. The original was really awesome but it was also nice to hear a different version of it. And for everyone who's saying that McFly stole the song...Get Over Yourselves! If they stole it I'm pretty sure that The Killers would of dealt with it by now. It is called a cover! Loads of people do covers on YouTube, but I don't hear you saying in the comments "OMG! You're so GAY! Like the original was way better!" Another thing... don't use 'gay' as an insult...ever. It is not even offensive and people say it like being 'gay' is disgusting. It is not a disease or anything...GOSH PEOPLE! Some humans are so idiotic sometimes!

Poop erryyywhere | Reviewer: Yvonne
    ------ About the song Diarrhea performed by McFly

So one day i needed to poop and there was just no time to get to the bathroom. Mcfly really made me feel better about myself and this song is just a lifesaver. It sometimes helps e go to the bathroom. I typically have diharrea everyday in the morning after i drink my coffee. I just wanted to give a shoutout to Mcfly for being my LIFESAVER. you help my confidence. Now, I dont have to be a victim of diharrea. But anyways one day, I was in a park and just minding my own business when all of a sudden... I crapped my pants. NEVER TRUST A FART.

Mcfly | Reviewer: Bob
    ------ About the song Down By The Lake performed by McFly

Mcfly are so amazing and this song just reminds me that even tho they have changed their style of music they still rock, and the fact that James Bourne (busted) helped write this makes it even more amazing. Was very very sad when busted broke up and will be just as sad if mcfly do.... But as they say, mcfly are here FOREVER!!

Awesomeness | Reviewer: Bramble
    ------ About the song Memory Lane performed by McFly

Great all the lyrics are correct for the real version!!!!!
@Awesome by the way I just got the new album (memory lane deluxe) and checked out the 2003 demo version against the real version to these lyrics and it matched the real song just to let you know.
Anyways you did awesome

'Life's a bitch and so are you' | Reviewer: Luna
    ------ About the song Bubble Wrap performed by McFly

I love this song.

But what I love more is people trying to sell us bubblewrap. You came to the wrong place honeys. Dear spammer (because we all know you're one person), maybe you should have gone to specsavers. This is a lyrics site. We're not bubblewrap enthusiasts like you. Maybe you should go to Etsy, or, even better, 4chan. Thankyou and happy popping!

Explosive Diarrhea | Reviewer: Farting McFartpants
    ------ About the song Diarrhea performed by McFly

Last week in church my friend was having issues in the bathroomso she asked me to come in. She was having diarrhea, after a few minutes I started to smell it, and it stunk so bad and it sounded like an empty bottle of musterd, I wanted to vomit. I ran out of the bathroom accidentally leaving the door open, and I screamed "EXPLOSIVE DIARRHEA!!!!" She is now traumatized for life because everyone knew it was her and I feel so bad because now she hates me. I LOVE YOU ALEXIS!!!!!! Please forgive me! <3

Stahp | Reviewer: Foxyfm
    ------ About the song Broccoli performed by McFly

Stop with all your hate of you don't like mcfly then don't fucking look them up! So what the songs called broccoli deal with it.I love mcfly and all their songs. No hate pleaseee x

Bubble Wrap | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Bubble Wrap performed by McFly

Who would have thought that I'd be looking online for bubble wrap and something like this would come up! I found bubble wrap roll, what is necessary for moving, on along with some other great moving supplies.

smooth moves | Reviewer: Chris
    ------ About the song Bubble Wrap performed by McFly

My wife and I recently moved to Illinois (we used to live in Ohio) and we were prepared for an aching process. But it didn't turn out to be that bad. We found some decently priced boxes on that set up without tape and never fell apart. We were very impressed. We only used their boxes but I know they have other products as well. I would reccomend checking them out if you're going to be moving in the near future.

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